Best Airlines to Fly To Thailand 2022-23

Thailand is a country that has been recognized as one of the countries that is having an overwhelming tourist attractions when it comes to Asian countries.

Because of that most Europeans and American people love to explore Thailand. But before you come to the country you should choose the best Airline to reach that country because of that you should be careful to choose a particular airline considering of your needs and budget for sure.

That’s why I thought of bringing forth to you the best Airlines to fly to Thailand.

Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways

1.Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways is known as Asia‘s Boutique Airline because the luxurious service they offer you is impeccable to the other airlines you will find flights to Thailand.

Once you get on the plane all you have to do is to relax and they even over you free food and Wi-Fi which makes your flight more easy and appealing. Also, there is an interesting luggage Allowance as you can carry 30 kg as a flyer bonus. Southeast Asia, India, China, and the Maldives are the parts of the world this airline covers.

So that Bangkok Airways is one of the airlines to fly to Thailand.

2.Thai Airways

Thai Airways
Thai Airways

Thai Airways is recognized as the World’s Best Economy Airline so you can always feel that you are in a luxury class plane however the ticket prices to Thailand is as a mess the Bangkok Airways.

However, If you are traveling with your family with kids this is the airway that you should take as it is providing you with free food, drinks, and plenty of legroom.

Sometimes If you book the tickets in advance They give you a 20% of discount too. So because of all the above-mentioned reasons, Thai Airways can also count as one of the best airlines in Thailand.

3.Thai Smile

Thai Smile
Thai Smile

Thai Smile is another famous airline that you can fly to Thailand and this airline is known to be one of the most affordable and Reliable airlines that you can safely land in Thailand.

Through this airline, you are privileged with a free allowance of 20 kilograms of checked luggage. And they are always ready to provide you with free snacks and drinks on your journey to Thailand.

However, this is not a luxury class airline but it is not lacking any comfort you need to fly to another country safely. So those who are planning on a low-budget flight can always choose Thai Smile also one of the Airlines in Thailand.



AirAsia is also a famous Airline that you can choose to try in Thailand and what is most special about this airline is that it is known to be the best low-cost airline that you can choose to travel to another country.

Especially when you are looking for online airline tickets it is extra cheap. This airline is having machines that you can check- in yourself at the airport so you need not wait in long queues to check in.

Also, the flight attendants are always helpful for you to make your journey at ease so you need not worry about anything when you are traveling in air Asia airline.

So you need not any other descriptions to Prove that This is one of the best airlines that too can choose to fly to Thailand.

5.Nok Air

Nok Air

Nok Air would be an interesting option for those families who are flying with their kids because this is known to be one of the best airlines when you are taking kids with you.

The airline is themed according to a bird and the flight attendants are also dressing according to that theme because of why the kids love this airline.

Their bright yellow uniforms that mimic colorful bird is always appealing to the kids. Further, they provide you with free snacks water and wifi throughout your journey.

If you are traveling alone The cost won’t be that much but if you are taking your kids it would be quite pricey they just do their best for the price you pay for them.

So I think this is also one of the best airlines to fly to Thailand.

So I think these facts would be sufficient for you to choose the best airline to travel to Thailand and you can choose any of these choices According to your need and budget.

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