5 Best Beaches in the New York City – Explore the Nature

Best Beaches in the New York City:Every pool and beach has opened this summer after about one year of the period. the best beaches in New York City become hot and sticky. New York beaches are full of tourists in summer to enjoy fun activities and water sports organizing there.

There are many beaches in New York City that suit any type of traveler. There are the best beaches in New York City for Families, Couples, or even singles who are seeking for relaxation from their busy schedules. Most of these beaches offer you an excellent experience rather than sunbathing and swimming. You can enjoy rollercoasters, sea kayaking, or even explore the wilderness, or seaside towns.

Let’s have a look what are the best beaches in New York City. All these beaches are free and you can only swim when there is a lifeguard on duty.

Best Beaches in the New York City

What are the best beaches in New York City to explore?

1. Long Beach

Long Beach

You can reach this white, soft sandy beach by a 50-minute train trip from Manhattan. This 2.2-mile boardwalk beach has rebuilt in 2013 after a hurricane. This considers as one of the best beaches in New York City, due to its surfable waves which can enjoy swimming and bathing freely. Apart from swimming you can also experience perfect biking and walking along the beach.

Summer is the best time to visit this Long beach since there are concerts, boardwalk Festivals with arts. There is a farmer market at Kennedy Plaza every Saturday. A day pass may cost about 12$ for locals and 15$ for non-residents in Summer.

2. Coney Island Beach

Coney Island Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in New York City which locates in Brooklyn. Even though the beach takes the major place there are some other exciting activities and events in Brooklyn. There is a mermaid parade in June that is famous among the people. This parade is the largest parade in celebrates in Summer in the United States. Brooklyn has 2 amusement parks with a cyclone roller coaster and boardwalk.

New York aquarium is an adorable place to visit mainly for people who interest in marine life. This is a part of wildlife conservation society. If you visit Coney Island beach, there are many more things to engage.

3. Orchard Beach – One of the best beaches in the New York

Orchard Beach

This has a unique crescent shape and marvelous views of the city island. This mile-long Orchard beach is the only public beach that can enter for free. But in beach season, it’s 8$ for weekdays and 13$for weekends.

You can also combine your beach tour with hiking or leisure walking in Pelham Bay Park, Largest Park in New York. this huge park includes hiking trails that are more suitable for spotting ospreys.

This area enables facilities for many sports since there are playgrounds, art fields, and courts. You can spend a marvelous vacation in snack bars and picnic areas in the Orchard Beach area.

4. Rockway Beach

Rockway Beach

Rockway is the largest urban beach in the city, which locates in Queens and it is less crowded than Coney Island. Now there are many developments have done with the sand after the damage of hurricane sandy. This beach is an ideal place for surfing, especially beginners can learn surfing from nearby surfing schools.

Kids can entertain freely in Beach 30th street among 8 playgrounds along the beach. The developed boardwalk is better for prime time with popular foods there like, burgers, hot dogs, seafood rolls, and many more.

5. Main Beach, East Hampton

Main Beach, East Hampton

The main beach has located in Hampton within walking distance of many accommodations. There is a number of restaurants and shops in Main Street. And also for local attractions, there is Home Sweet Home Museum and an old-type windmill at Old Hook Mill.

You can relax under the shade while having refreshments and bites from the snack bar at the pavilion.

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