10 Best beaches to watch sunrise in California

Best known as the Golden state of the United States- California is world-renowned for several unique reasons. The Golden Gate Bridge, Disney land and Hollywood are some of them. Especially when it comes to Golden State, California, the beaches- that have been able to mesmerize beach lovers all over the world – are something that comes to our mind nonchalantly. These beaches are divinely beautiful at the first light.

That had been the reason behind the throng that gathered on these beaches in California during the dawn. Even if you are a Yankee or not, you would love to see the sunrise on a Californian beach. California offers you a great variety of choices at your doorstep when it comes to beaches, and here are the best ten beaches to watch sunrise in California. They would indeed offer you a peaceful mind with a meditation-like scenery.

Best beaches to watch sunrise in California

1. Huntington beach 

Huntington beach 

“A day on the beach begins with a sunrise and ends with a smile “. Huntington beach has proved this is saying true undoubtedly since the sunrise becomes that much of a blessing to those who watch the sunrise from there.

The golden sun rays usually starts to turn up around 6.30 a.m.Many people visit the Huntington beach pier to feel this novel experience. Further many visitors tend to capture this iconic view as one of their beautiful memories, and that’s why this place has been very popular as a spot to take photographs which is popular among youngsters. The Huntington pier works as the center of attraction in the whole city. So there’s no wonder that it has been renowned as one of the beaches to watch the sunrise in California. 

2. Ventura beach 

Ventura beach 

A ligneous pier along with the Ventura beach allows you to feel the beautiful daybreak. It gives you a fresh and novel morning which you’ll reminisce about as one of the most beautiful mornings you have experienced. The currents break through the pier, making it an ideal place to watch sunrise while feeling the refreshing water splash on them.

Not just the sunrise makes this place exciting but also the surfer’s point park and San Buenaventura state beach. You added to that people gather to watch sunrise while fishing despite the time. Further, a promenade along this waterfront would leave you hypnotized since the rising sun and the healing sea breeze support the aforesaid. Thus Ventura beach becomes one beach to watch the sunrise in California. 

3. Zuma beach Malibu 

3. Zuma beach Malibu 

Malibu is a city primarily renowned for its celebrity homes and beaches. Among several beaches of Malibu, Zuma Beach has been very unparalleled. It’s well known for the sandy shore and the excellent opportunity to surf. The sunrise must be very identical to its uniqueness. And many people flood to the beach to evident the beautiful sunrise along with the panoramic scenery around.

Surely it’s a beautiful place to start your day with the dawning, and it’ll let you rise and shine throughout the day. The hues reflect on the sea during the sunrise leaves you amazed as if you’re in another world. Thus it undoubtedly fits the label as one of the best beaches to watch sunrise in California. 

4. Oceanside city beach

4. Oceanside city beach

Oceanside city beach is breathtaking and lovely in the morning. So, many people throng into the beach to have a glance at the radiant sun. Like in most of the beaches, this Oceanside city beach accompanies a pier that stretches about a quarter of a mile to the sea. It’s mainly divided into two sections as North and South beach.

Many of the people who have visited Oceanside city beach recommend grabbing a chance to enjoy the daybreak on the Northside. Maybe because it provides a more picturesque scenario than the South. However, despite the division, people come to this place to enjoy the pulchritude of nature thanks to the pier. And added to that .any people enjoy picnics, family gatherings, barbecue parties etc. Thus this is an ideal place to enjoy the sunrise. 

5. Avila beach 

5. Avila beach 

The Avila beach has been a reason to make San Luis Obispa County world renowned. Avila beach consists of three piers which would allow many visitors to embrace the beach view, not just the sunrise. Avila beach pier, Harford pier and California Polytechnic state university pier are those by name.

The therapeutic view of the sun in the dawn has been ever healing, and nowadays, this place gets crowded since plenty of humpback whales and greys gather around the bays, which allows the visitors to feed them. And during the sunrise many people tend to capture the view into pictures which had been proved to prove the uniqueness of the sunrise in Avila beachside how it has become one of the best beaches to watch sunrise. 

6. Laguna beach

6. Laguna beach

The gleaming sunrise welcomes the visitors to Laguna beach in the morning. The bohemian chic added to the Laguna beach is multiplied at its allure during the sunrise. And that has been a reason for its increasing number of visitors every day. Many people photograph this beautiful view.

The Treasure Island beach lies towards the southern end of the Laguna beach is an ideal place to watch sunrise. The waves crash underneath your foot while you take a peek at light. That would give you mental satisfaction.

This view will come in handy to you if you’re suppressed with stress and to release your tension. The serene sunrise meeting the horizon has made Laguna beach the best beach to watch sunrise. 

7. Half moon bay 

Half moon bay

Half moon bay consists of several exquisite beaches such as Roosevelt beach, Dunes Beach, Venice Beach and Francis beach are well recognized as perfect locations to watch sunrise . Picnicking and watching the sunrise are significant reasons many people visit Half moon bay, either locals or foreigners.

Each of the beaches in Half moon bay provides you with dreamy scenery during the daybreak and the colourful reflections on the sea with the rays of morning sun ranges from yellow to scarlet red. Thus it multiplies the charms of the atmosphere. The whole stretch of Half moon bay has provided more space to beaches and sandy shores.

As if to prove it a speciality to name as one of the best beaches in California to watch sunrise. 

8. Marshall beach

8. Marshall beach

This Marshall beach is next to Baker Beach, extending from the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point National historic site. The high tides often do not permit you to swim in the sea. But it provides you with an enthralling sunrise at dawn.

Therefore you can’t go wrong with your choice to visit Marshall beach to watch sunrise. The sandy waterfront is surely wonderful during the dawn since the scenery includes Golden Gate Bridge from the aside. Also, this is known as one of the clothing optional beaches in California.

However, the beauty of mother nature allows Marshall beach to become world-renowned as one of the best beaches to watch sunrise in California. 

9. Salt Creek Beach Park

9. Salt Creek Beach Park

Dana point , California is best known for Salt Creek Beach Park . This wide sandy beach in Orange city provides you with a beautiful panorama whilst the sun rises, and the waves that sometimes flow through the shore heighten the therapeutic view provided for your eyes and body.

It’s almost a feast on your mentality. Not just the sunrise in Salt Creek Beach Park is mesmerizing, but the other facilities you can find in this beach park are also admirable such as the picnic tables and walking trails where you can either sit and enjoy the sunrise or get ready to be sun-kissed after a promenade.

In every manner, it proves to be an ideal spot to witness the sunrise. 

10. Corona Del Mar state beach

Corona Del Mar state beach

When recalling about Corona Del Mar state beach or Big Corona Beach, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it’s a superb spot to view sunrise. Along with that, it’s a paradise for passionate swimmers.

The cliffed jetty works as an entrance to the Newport harbour, and it’s a miraculous gift from Mother Nature. The time around 6.30 in the morning of Corona Del Mar state beach is entirely occupied as many people visit as families to please their eyes with a most beautiful view of sunrise.

Thus you and your family won’t go wrong if you choose this sandy waterfront as a spot to watch sunrise. Another reason to choose this as one of the top 10 beaches to watch sunrise is that Corona Del Mar state beach is often caught the eyes of the filmmakers and other producers because of its beauty.

The above illustrations show how beautifully the scenic beaches in California capture the sunrise or the daybreak. These are the best places you can watch sunrise there among the places such as Mount Sinai -Egypt, Hawaii, Fiji, and Grand Canyon.

These beautiful beaches in California to craft the rising sun in a spellbinding manner. All in all, I would love to suggest if you’re to visit California don’t forget to explore one of these places and enjoy the view of the rising sun. To that, those described above would definitely help you. That brings you to the end of the beautiful journey among the best beaches to watch sunrise in California. 

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