15 Best cities in Egypt- You Must visit before die

Best cities in Egypt:Egypt is a city with proud historical sites, including pyramids and Egyptian museums. It is famed for enigmatic, astonishing historic monuments with the ancient culture of thousands of years back. Now, Egypt has rich political and social culture, which comes from ancient knowledge. If you are interesting on historic destination, these are the best cities in Egypt. These are the best 15 cities in Egypt.

Egypt is a destination full of temples and historical treasures. If you are a beach person, this is the best place. You can visit the red sea with substantial coral reefs and experience cruising in the Nile river.

Cairo is a major city where you can see many places that can’t be beaten for city slickers. Egypt offers its visitors to have an experience of a combination of adventure, relax and culture. Let’s have a look at the best 15 cities in Egypt you can visit on your next trip.

Best cities visit in Egypt
Best 15 cities in Egypt

1.         Cairo


Cairo is the main city with a dusty and dirty environment. This place will be a tough city to travel to with this challenging environment, but this won’t be any problem to travel around there. Even though this is a busy city with 22 million of population, Cairo is a charming city with world-class sights.

This old city stands on the Nile river with Coptic architecture. You can visit, world-famous Egyptian Museum to explore the collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts. This city is home to many great Islamic Mosques. You can also explore the ancient Citadel of Saladin, which gives you the best view over the old Cairo Town. There is a collection of adventurous activities and visits, including Sphinx and Giza Pyramids. 

2.         Luxor


Luxor city sits on the southern bank of the Nile river, with incredible ruins of the Pharaonic Age and a luxurious landscape. This is the ancient capital of Thebes on the West bank of the river. You can explore the ancient world from the open-air Museum located in this modern city. 

Luxor is a city that holds proud history, relics, and ancient treasures. But, all these facts have been bound into the land while maintaining intact for millennia. There are several restaurants, hotels, city centers and museums to visit. Luxor has the world’s largest open-air Museum that holds many tomb and temple sights. You can spend them while exploring colorful wall arts and the colossal columns in the temples. This is a city where home to more sights to see in one visit. 

There are many Karnak and Luxor Temples, as well as many Islamic sites. 

3.         Giza


Giza is iconic to its Great Pyramids, which consider as the tallest structures in the world before skyscraper arrival. All these pyramids stand on the desert plateau surrounded. By the ever-encroaching city skyline. Pyramids represent Egyptian heritage while connecting to the historic civilization. These are one of the most iconic ancient wonders in the world. These are memorials to dead pharaohs and give excellent, exciting sights for travelers. 

Due to a terrorist attack done by civil unrest in Egypt and surrounding countries, the number of visitors was declined. But these incredible tombs and chambers, as well as corridors, are open to the public. 

4.         Aswan


Aswan is one of the best cities in Egypt as it sits on the bank of the Nile river and has palm trees and a warm climate. This is an attractive ravine area which used as an ancient military base. It also has a garrison, and the quarries have provided essential granite for old constructions. 

This beautiful Nile river provides arable lands for several Nubian villages which rely on the river. Aswan is the most tranquil town in Egypt has backed by orange-hued dunes. You can experience on river ferry to Elephant island and walk through colorful streets in Nubian villages. Camel riding to St. Simeon, the desert monastery on the East Bank, is a marvelous experience you can gain in Aswan. Aswan’s most popular activity is sailing around Aswan’s Island while watching the sunset. This is the perfect way to relax while taking in local sights. 

There are also many historic sites and various types of temples to visit.  You can relax in riverside restaurants and guesthouses with tasty teas. 

5.         Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis
Siwa Oasis

When you hear Oasis, you may imagine a patch of lush heaven in the middle of the dessert. So, Siwa Oasis is the same as this imagination. This city enriches with sparkling fresh-water springs as well as palms, olive trees, and shady lanes. Siwa is a desert oasis locates close to the Libyan border, and mud-brick houses are home to many Berber inhabitants. People in Siwa Oasis have their own culture since they have been isolated. Homosexuality is common here, and same-sex marriage is permitted for the community. They have their language called Siwi. 

You can visit various temple remnants, namely, the Temple of Oracle, scattered throughout the oasis area. You can see some picturesque remaining temples, old mosques, a 13th-century fortress of Shali. Siwa Oasis is a tp spot to spend your holiday while engaging in adventures in the surrounding desert.

6.         Alexandria


Alexandra is a city with great historic proportions, cultural importance as well as beautiful sceneries. Alexandra was one of the best cities globally, including its library with a vast book collection and the vast lighthouse. This is a dusty coastal town with beautiful beaches, old buildings, and many more ancient wonders. 

Even though it includes ancient buildings, Alexandria is a modern, busy city where streets are always packed with people. 

This seafront city has founded by Alexander the Great, home of Cleopatra, and appeared to be an ancient culture that can’t be beat. There is a famous old lighthouse, and you can reach there through the long seafront Corniche road that leads to its fort. Alexandria is a renowned summer destination among local and foreign visitors, as it is the perfect time to capture cooling sea breezes. 

Alexandria’s Museum, with massive exhibits, represents its beautiful underwater archeological project capacity. If you are a  interesting on world history, Alexandria is a perfect place with an ancient library and historical sights. 

7.         Sharm el Sheikh

 Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm al-sheik, or ‘the jewel of the Red Sea,’ is one of Egypt’s best cities to visit, with beautiful beaches. Many tourists, especially Europeans, love sunbathing on these beaches and you can have a great time there to get real value for the money. 

There was a considerable reduction of tourists in the past few years due to political issues. Since the UK placed a flight ban on this resort city, this became a ghost town. 

You can easily book a hotel in Sharm al-sheik and freely spend your time on the beach. The cost for accommodation, food, and beverages is meager. So, if you are planning a perfect vacation on a beachfront for a reasonable price, this is the best place. 

8.         Dahab


Dahab is a resort city with a calm environment. The main attraction goes to the palm-lined beaches, rising from the dusty outpost to a chic tourist town. But recently, the calmness and the simplicity have reduced due to the developments of the city. With the increment of tourist attraction, there are new developments around the city.

But, if you are seeking a calm place to spend your holiday with family, Dahab is a perfect place. You can enjoy scuba diving, windsurfing, or else trek in the desert with the Bedouin. Initially, this was a Bedouin fishing village, sits on the coast of the Red Sea. 

One side of the city is surrounded by the Sinai Mountains, while there are azure waters in the Gulf of Aqaba on the other side. Israel occupied even Dahab after the Six-Day War, today several tourists are looking to enjoy deep-sea diving.

9.         Port Said

Port Said
Port Said

Port said it is a trade area built based on a strategic settlement in northern Egypt at the Suez Canal’s north end. This has situated on reclaimed land. Mud and sand dredged from the harbor, and huge stones resisting saltwater were added to the strip. 

Port Said or Post city has a grid-pattern European quarter as well as the native Egyptian sector. Many tourists visit there due to its grand architecture. You can walk along the raised waterfront that indicates both grandeur of the Suez Canal and the massive constructions of engineers. 

You can also have a chance to head onto the water from the only passenger ship on the Canal. 

10.       Al-Qasr


Al Qasr or Dakhla Oasis is an old town with many streets which offer the perfect illustration of the Oasis past. This town has built from the Roman ruins and sits on the foot of the limestone cliffs and the edge of the lush Oasis. 

These Dakhla Oasis springs are surrounded by the barren desert while giving green and teeming with life. There are mud bricks buildings and narrow lanes to reveal the hidden treasures. This old city has made with several small towns and more than 500 hor springs. This was the medieval capital of the Oasis, that built-in 12th century by Ottomans with the ruins of a Roman city. You can get many traditional items from craft shops, including a blacksmith shop, olive press, and working mill. 

Mud bricks in Al-Qasr are still made anciently, and also there is a foundry, where still men work while using mettle bellows flamed fires. So, this is one of the best cities in Egypt you must visit.

11.       Edfu


Edfu is a religious and commercial center, and earlier, it was the capital of the second nome (Horus) of Upper Egypt. This is a friendly town where produces sugar and pottery mainly. The Temple of Horus is the main tourist attraction considered the most preserved cult temple in Egypt. Thanks to the surrounding deserts, this temple has been dedicated to Horus and protected for thousands of years.

Edfu is a farming town, sits on the fertile banks of the Nile river. Even though the city is a modern one, you can observe the daily lifestyle of the Egyptian people. 

12.       Ismailia


Ismailia is the capital of the canal region and is located on the lake Timsah along the coast of the Canal. Earlier, Ismailia was called Timsah village, and later it was named Ismailia after Khedive Ismail of Egypt. 

Even though this is in Egypt, Ismailia has European-style architecture. Several buildings have been constructed as per the French and British culture. This structure gives a unique style and shape to the Canal as well as the surrounding. 

Ismailia has enriched several industries like food processing, engine construction, shipyard work, and many more. Ismailia is one of the best cities to visit in Egypt as there are plenty of ancient and antique areas. This is a perfect place to relax under a peaceful natural surroundings. 

13.       Wadi El-Natrun 

Wadi El-Natrun 
Wadi El-Natrun 

Wadi El-Natrun was an essential city to ancient Egyptians as it has provided carbonated sodium for the mummification process. This area was rich in its salts, and ancient Romans have extracted silica for glass manufacturing. 

Wadi El-Natrun is a famous tourist destination as there are ancient monasteries to explore. There were ten monasteries in this area, and now only four survived. These monasteries have protected the monks against the Berbers and Bedouins. It includes a collection of ancient Coptic Christian monastic sites. It is also a famous area for bird watching and has a series of nine small lakes. Further, this city makes a characteristic and attractive habitat for water birds. 

14.       Faiyum


Faiyum is a well-known city in Egypt full of traditional souks and sites like Hanging Mosque and Qaitbay Mosque. It has surrounded by the town, the valley of Whales at Wadi al-Hitan. This is a site with hundreds of fossils belonging to whales, sharks, and crocodiles. So, Faiyum is a world heritage site with spectacular scenery, and it has been inhabited by Pharaonic Times. You can see whole whale skeletons in the sands around there. 

Faiyum has found in around 4000 BC, and it is the oldest city in Egypt and one of the oldest cities in Africa. The town believed in sacred crocodiles and worshiped Petsuchos, and was embellished with gold and gems. This god crocodile lived in a particular temple, which included sand, a pond, and food. 

This is a city with many historic habitats as well as full of fascinating historical beliefs. 

15.       Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo
Kom Ombo

Kom Ombo is an ancient city built on the site of the old Egyptian City of Gold. There is an ancient temple that belongs to the 2nd century, namely the Temple of Kom Ombo. It is a fascinating temple with a unique double-style structure, meaning that it has duplicated for two sets of gods. This temple is one of the Nile Valley’s most beautiful sited temples. They’re also a crocodile museum that exhibits a collection of mummified crocodiles and ancient carvings. 

Kom Ombo city sits on the temple’s ancient foundations, which most of it is yet to be discovered. So, in the future, this city will unveil its hidden secrets. Currently, this famous town is focusing on farming sugar cane and corn. 


When we talk about the best cities in Egypt, there are several historic towns to visit. You can explore the history of Egyptian culture, religions, traditions. There are a variety of places to visit. If you are planning your next visit to Egypt, add these cities to your bucket list. 

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