Nepal is a landlocked country lying along the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Its’ rich bond with culture make this Himalayan conquer a more pleasant place to live. Due to that, Nepal is at its’ peak point for attracting visitors from all over the world. Some are astonished by its’ unprecedented allure, while some are yearning for an adrenaline rush with adventure. Along with that, Nepal is a country that is strangely attached to its ‘ culture, as to why people all over the world make Nepal a sojourn influenced by the ever pure Buddhism has made this places a spring of solace for those who are seeking spiritual awakening. If you’ve planned to explore another land in the upcoming year, Nepal is ideal. Here are the best cities in Nepal to visit in 2022. 


 At the outset, we cannot forget the identity of the whole Nepalese citizens, and it’s non-other than the capital of the country, ‘Kathmandu ‘.Its speciality stretches from religious values to the pulchritude of nature. They have been the reasons behind the huge attraction Kathmandu has won over the years. One place that had contributed immensely is the ‘Baudhanath Stupa which is even considered as a world heritage named by UNESCO. This land bears one of the largest stupas in the world. This has been seen and worshipped by a number of traders and travellers all over the world. Similarly, Swayam Bhunath stupa is visited for its architectural miracles .’Garden of dreams’ is yet another place a traveller should enjoy in Kathmandu. This beautiful eye therapy contains marble inscriptions from Omar Khayam’s Rubaiyat’s healing ponds. Kopan monastery, Thamel Darbar square, Hanuman Dhoka temple, Kumari house, Narayanhiti placement some other places that we can put under the ‘must-see ‘ label when it comes to Kathmandu. 


   Lumbini is a city as important as Kathmandu that has a historical and religious significance since it was the birthplace of Siddhartha Gauthama. This is a city a visitor to step on Nepal must visit. Maya Devi temple has stealthily taken away the hearts of the local and foreign visitors; therefore no wonder that it has been named as a world heritage via UNESCO. This is known as the place where Siddhartha Gauthama was born, and the temple has established in the same place. And now it has won the hearts of millions of people thanks to the developments done by the Nepal government too. Bodhi tree is also a place crowded with several visitors, and this Bodhi tree accompanies the mesmerizing Maya Devi pond, which is considered as the pond where Maya Devi used to bathe. The World-renowned ‘Ashoka pillar ‘is also located in Lumbini, and it multiplies the value given to the city. Lumbini Museum, Sri Lankan monastery. Myanmar golden temples are some other locations you must witness with your own eyes.


Pokhara is definitely another city that we must explore, which we can consider as the epitome of natural beauty in Nepal due to its irresistible charms. Phewa lake and Begnos lake are two ‘must see’ heart-rending places in Pokhara. You can embrace the allure of the sun and the soothing water if you have a look at these two lakes. Devi’s fall is also a captivating location that one must visit on your journey to Nepal. Mahendra cave is a highlight in Pokhara and will be a heaven for those who crave adventures. Tal Barahi will definitely take a special place in your memory, no matter what religion you belong to. It’s a soothing, modest temple located in a lake filled with pure water. And this temple dedicats to the Hindu goddess ‘Durga’.If you’re seeking knowledge, the International mountain museum would be ideal for you since it has several things to learn. Gupteshwar Mahadev cave, Chamera Guta(bat cave), Matepani Gumba are some other places that would definitely catch your eyes in Pokhara. 


Bhaktapur is also an eye-catching city with several precious places to visit and entertain your eyes.’ Fifty-five window palace ‘ is one of the places which immensely contribute to the aforesaid popularity gained by the city. This has been the palace for ‘king Jitamitra Malla’.That royal majesty has been lurking around this place for all the years up to the present. Another UNESCO heritage in this city named ‘Durbar square has become a landmark in Nepal, since once it had been the residence of the royal family and has an abundance of things to evident.’ Siddha pokhari’ is another spot that would sure mesmerize the newbies to the Bhaktapur due to its structure. It’s an artificial pond rectangular in shape. It considers to be one of the ponds which bear evidence to the past history of Nepal architecture. To name a few other destinations in this beautiful city will be ‘Doleshwai Mahadew temple ‘, ‘Changu Narayan’, ‘Taumadhi square’, ‘Nyatapola temple ‘, Thimi, the lion gate etc. 


Nagarkot is my fifth choice for visitors to explore in Nepal 2022. Nepal is well known for its hiking adventures, and Nagarkot is one such city where you can get that adrenaline rush. The panoramic hiking trails in Nagarkot is ideal for hiking and trekking. It rewards you with beautiful sunshine along with the allure of nature. Nagarkot Buddha peace park hiking trails, Dhulikhel hiking trails are some other places where you can experience the aforesaid. Many people love paragliding, and Nagarkot Everest paragliding would definitely give you an ecstatic adventure ever. So if someone is hunting adventurous places, this site would perfectly fit their taste. Nagarkot waterfall is a hypnotizing view for visitors all over the world. Also, you are rewarded with the opportunity to enjoy a private mountain flight tour to enjoy the gigantic Everest mountain. This is surely a wonderful spot for the visitors. 


Janakpur is yet another beautiful destination in Nepal that has been able to mesmerize the hearts of the local visitors and foreigners equally. Janaki mandir is the first thing that pops up in one’s mind when they recall Janakpur. This is the biggest temple in Nepal which is dedicated to Goddess Sita. It basically attracts a huge crowd due to its religious values.Ram mandir in Janakpur is also another old temple that has an invincible tourist attraction. Ralwaling Valley is a perfect location for trekking, and this valley is really rich in its natural pulchritude. Ram Sita vivaha mandap is also a place visited by thousands of devotees since this is the place they consider as the spot where Ram and Sita got married. So this mundap is a ‘ must-see ‘ place when it comes to Janakpur. Ganga sugar,Dhanush sugar, Jaleshwar, Dolakha Brimsen mandir are some other chef d’oeuvres you can enjoy if you’re to visit Janakpur. 


The city which was built in the 17th century comes as my 7th choice, and that’s non-other than Patan. This would also be a place that will definitely take away your heart. Rani Ki Vav or Queen’s stepwell is a source to preserve water and is recognized whole world due to its unique architecture. Sahastralinga Talar is an eye-catcher for the same reason as Queen’s stepwell, and this is a historical monument that has built in the 11th century. The next two spots you must visit in Patan , will surely be a reason for the people who have a passion for fashion, the 1st place is Patoka street making unit and the shopping complexes in Patan . Both these places have become really renowned for their beautiful hand-woven sarees.


The next city, which moved the hearts of many visitors, “Bandipur “, appears as the 8th choice. This awestrickingly beautiful city has consisted of several beautiful spots ranging from wildlife to foliage.Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary takes a prominent place when it comes to Bandipur. It includes several species of animals along with some animals that are threatening. Madumalai National Park is a living testimony to show how Nepal has a keen eye for nature. Tiger reserve national park, Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, Rajiv Ghandi National Park, and BRT wildlife sanctuary are some other places you must visit within the territory of Bandipur. 


Ninth city that you must visit if you’re in Nepal is, Dharan and it is considered one of the largest pilgrimage locations in Nepal as aforesaid priority is given to most of the religious places such as Buddha Sabba Temple. Many people consider this as a sacred land that brings luck, and this place is surrounded by superstitious beliefs too. However, you must visit this place when you’re in Nepal. Namaste fall is a therapy for the eyes and mind. Although it’s quite remote from the city, visitors do not get exhausted by it.Pindeshwar temple is yet another place that is mostly worshipped by many Hindu devotees, yet despite the religion, many people experience it due to the simplicity and modesty it holds. Namje Bazar would definitely leave your jaws dropped due to its weekly market & the contrasting panoramic view where it is located.Dantakali temple,Dharan clock tower,Bijayapur pavithra temple are some other places you must scout when you’re in Dharan, which is almost a replica of Indian culture. 


Even though the meaning of this city’s name suggests ‘unlucky ‘, this place has been a place that brings luck to the visitors or tourists since it has several places to entertain their eyes. It’s non-other than the city Panauti. Indreshwar Mahadev temple is a mesmerizing three-storey temple finished with the magical touch of skilled architecture.Brahmayani temple, which has been built to show the gratitude of the villagers towards their goddess of the village and Krishna Narayan temple, are two other temples that have won the visitors ‘attraction over several years. Panauti peace gallery is filled with war monuments and other precious ruins that bring back memories from their proud past. These places will leave you awe stuck if you visit Panauti. 


If you visit Biratnagar on your way to explore Nepal, you won’t go wrong. This is the 2nd largest city in Nepal and has a number of destinations that add a unique value to the city. Baraha Chhetri is one such place that is entangled with Hindu beliefs; one such is that they consider this place as the band where Bishnu’s avatar fought with the demon Hiranakshya. And this place is very renowned for its serene miliey too. Hile is another place someone must visit when they are in Nepal. This is a camping site with a magnificent view of nature. Dhankuta is surely a place that’ll leave you astonished due to its markets and trade. It’s popular among the visitors for its fresh food items too. Forests of Tinjure, Mike and Jiljale, Koshi river, Biratnagar Jute Mills, Dharan are some other places that you can enjoy sightseeing and calming your mind through the modest touch of mother nature. Due to the above circumstances, Biratnagar has won a safe place in the heart of its visitors. 

Namche Bazar

Let’s talk about the next destination, which is the 12th city on the list. It’s Namche Bazar by name. This is another incredible location for those who adore trekking and history. It’s a nice place to enjoy sightseeing while roving in the EBC trek. Kancha Sherpa and Shangbouche hill are two other tracks where you can give the visitors a panoramic view of the tremendous Everest mountain where you stand a chance to see the world’s tallest mountain. Sherpa museum is also a must- explore when you step on Namche Bazar since it’s an epitome that displays the culture of the country. Also, many visitors that come to this city brings gifts for the children in need around the Everest region. So you can also contribute to these charity services if you’re willing to.


We can never forget Nuwakot when it comes to Nepal since it had used to be the capital of Nepal before Kathmandu. This astonishing city has several places to please the visitors ‘ eyes. Langtang national park is one such; it’s the 4th national park established in Nepal. This contains the charming Gosainkunda falls, which had been a reason for the high recognition of Langtang national park. Nuwakot Darbar is a place that you shouldn’t miss as it’s a wonderful construction with seven storeys. Kulekhani dam is a rock-ribbed dam that was created with the Kulekhani river. And the power station, along with that, is also a show-stopper that will capture your attention for sure. Dhaulagiri is another optimal spot for those who yearn to trek since there are several places to visit in Nuwakot.


Chitlang is the perfect city for adventure seekers. The panoramic city is bearing the Chandragiri hills. There are various hiking and trekking spots that must drive the adventure lovers insane. There are also many goat cheese farm stays in this city since most of the people in Chitlang raise goats in their homesteads. Satdhara ,Swochhanda, Bhairab temple, Bhedafarm are some other places to visit during your voyage to Chitlang. The suitable time to visit here is the time-lapse between September and November. 


Last but not least comes the sub-metropolitan Hetauda, which has gained recognition for its alluring location to visit. Makwanpur Gadhi is one such which has fame for its historical and religious significance. Even though many of the statues are ruined, the glorious statue of lord Krishna attracts many travellers. Tachibana Devi temple is also a symbol of Nepalese culture and traditions. This lies in the scenic hill place of Hetauda city. And there are enthralling hiking sites. The viewing area near the temple gives you a spellbinding view of the whole Hetauda city.

That sums up the details of the cities that I can recommend you to visit in Nepal 2022. I’m pretty sure that these cities will leave riveting memories in your mind when you are back from Nepal. 

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