Best solo trips USA-10 Solo Travel destination

Best solo trips USA:As human beings, we all love the company of others especially the company of our family and friends but it’s essential to give some time for ourselves, that’s where we are likely to take a solo trip. A solo trip gives you time to enjoy on your own as you wish and it naturally leads you to ponder over yourself while giving priority to yourself.

Thus many people prefer to take up a solo trip especially the younger generation. Even though you travel to a certain destination alone, you’ll never feel the solitude since you can always make new friends there. The USA is the perfect destination for solo trips. This article gives you the ideas of Best solo trips USA.

So you might love to find such destinations you can go on a solo trip. I think the USA would be great since it’s the land of dreams and your dream solo trip would be a success if your choice in the USA. It really offers you a variety of destinations to enjoy your solo trips in USA.  Here are some of the ideal solo trip destinations that you must enjoy in your life.

Best solo trips USA

1.Portland, Oregon.

St Johns Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon with Mt St Helens and Mt Adams in the background.

Portland, Oregon. Is an ideal city to have a solo trip since it has many destinations where a single personality can enjoy themselves to the fullest. First of all what comes to your mind about the mode of transport on a solo trip, it’s obviously ‘bicycles ‘.Portland has an adaptive bike town where you can get a bicycle and enjoy your carefree trip.

Portland Opera House is also a place you must visit,if you love operas the best time to visit is November to August. Pearl district is the best place to grab lunch since it consists of hundreds of eateries. Also if you love shopping Pearl city is the best option. Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls are some other places you should visit if you’re a water baby. Further, you can enjoy a bicycle ride or hike in the greeny Portland Japanese Garden and Forest Park.

2.Moab, Utahve


Moab also provides you with a plethora of destinations to visit on a solo trip. Thus let’s explore where should we visit when we’re in Moab. Arches National Park is one such since there are a lot of things to watch and learn. This allows you to hike and even ride bikes while enjoying the surrounding.

Especially the hiking of Delicate arch would leave you awestruck since it’s tranquil and serene. Moab Food Truck Park is also a place you should visit since you can always make acquaintance with locals and foreigners while enjoying the delicacies of USA. Moab Desert Adventures would also give you a thrilling experience since it is a quite fresh experience to many. And Moab is a great place to explore the meditation-like solace of nature.

3. New York City

New York City

Even though New York City is quite busy and crowded, it always welcomes solo travelers all over the world. One World Observatory is the tallest point in New York City and this provides you a 360° degree view of the magnificent city where you can ponder over yourself while enjoying the view.

Shakespeare Garden is also an ideal location for those who wish to have some time to themselves since it is a secluded garden where you can find a whole variety of flowers mentioned in Shakespeare’s masterpieces. Added to the other places a solo bar would even leave you mesmerized.

Since you can satisfy your hunger while having a chilling drink . Washington Square Park is ideal if you wish to play chess, go find a stranger as your opponent and play chess since it’s something new. Also, thrift stores would surprise you due to their grand collection.

4. Seattle, Washington


This Seattle is really friendly for the visitors since it’s a small geographical area with lots of things to see and enjoy.  Pike Place Market is one such since it has lots of fun activities while shopping. Ferry Ride is a must you should enjoy even once in your life. It costs very cheap and enables you to watch feel the soothing breeze of the sea with a beautiful view.

Amazon goes or Amazon Dog Park is another place where you can enjoy lots of new things. The beaches of the Pacific Northwest are surely wondering where you can swim, surf, and do lots of fun activities on the beaches. All of these places allow you to contemplate on yourself and even to create a better self. The coffee spots in Seattle aid you to do that and make this city one of the best places to solo trips in USA.

5. Austin, Texas


 If you’re seeking lots of fun , food, and beverages Austin is the perfect spot. The Texas State Capital is a must-visit place. The capital building has wonderful architecture that one must surely see. Zilker Park is wonderful for picnicking, golfing, and swimming which would help you to gain physical strength and mental satisfaction.

The Bullock Texas State History Park is the best place to get a knowledge of Texas history and the museum in this land helps you with that. To watch some of the most popular streets electric bike tours in Austin would help you a lot. And foodies here comes your spot to have Coffee and Brunch.

There are lots of places suitable for this since they have become a part and parcel of the city of Austin. segway tour, Zilker botanical gardens, Kayak tour, indoor Skydiving at iFly are some other things you are blessed to do here.

6.Boston, Massachusetts


This is the capital of Massachusetts, where you can discover another world and it’s incredible for a solo trip. Boston Movie Screeners gives you a wonderful chance to watch a movie for free, this is a great chance to make new friends. Boston Duck Tour is quite special since it’s the only way you can discover the city either through a water mode or through the land. Frisbee is unique to Boston and when you’re on a solo tour it’s essential to experience this.

Freedom Trail is another walk you should take where you can evident lots of landmarks in Boston. The fine art museum is another place where you can look into the history of Boston. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is yet another unique spot where you can see the seven exhibitions hold here. And at the coast of Boston, you can watch whales and that has been a reason for Boston to be one of the best destinations for solo trips.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans

This is a  city rich with cultural values and historical values and also it has become a very important spot for solo travelers. A ride in the steamboat Natchez is a treat to your mind where you can enjoy jazz music while having a meal.

You’ll be thankful for this suggestion since it’s such a wonderful journey. This is well known for its culinary and you’ll want more once you taste those delicacies. In  New Orleans Oak Alley Plantation you can enjoy nature while having an insight into the history of Louisiana. Those who prefer horror stories and stuff like that will surely love the French Quarter, Cemetery, and Voodoo Tour.

It will give you a great amount of information on the history while giving an adventurous journey for two hours Thus New Orleans has become one of the best cities to ho on a solo trip.

8. Honolulu, Hawaii


This is a beautiful landscape in the United States and is perfect for solo travelers. Here are some reasons to say so. Waikiki Beach is the first thing that comes to one’s mind since it’s a paradise to swim, surf, and other water activities.  Honolulu tennis is also well known around the United States and thus if you’re interested it’s surely something you should try.

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden is a rain forest where you find a variety of plants of other countries such as India, Sri lanka etc. Also you can learn to cook lots of food on your own when you’re on here since no one cares about what you’re doing.

Hawaiian sailing canoe is also a great thing to try since it gives you plenty of information about the history of the canoe and to do lots of fun activities. When you’re on a solo trip you must essentially watch ʻIolani Palace and that would definitely impress you to believe that Honolulu is surely a destination you must explore at a solo tour.

9. Alabama Hills, California

Alabama Hills

The Alabama Hills has become one of the favorite destinations of travelers especially solo travelers and it’s worth to look why this has been loved by many. It’s a place where you can see the daybreak in a magical manner. And it’s an ideal spot to go on hiking.

Yosemite or Joshua Tree is very renowned and that’s why many people tend to capture this in their cameras. Iron Man, Django Unchained, and  Gladiator have captured these panoramic Alabama Hills and that would definitely help you to understand how important these Alabama Hills are. Thus it counts as one of the best places to go on a solo trip in the USA.

10. San Francisco, California

San Francisco

You would definitely feel the romantic nature of San Francisco when you travel as a couple. But traveling alone does not affect the romantic nature of the city . Golden Gate Park is a place where you can enjoy yourself while enjoying the site. It gives you an opportunity to bike and skate too.

There are lots of beaches where you can do watercraft and enjoy the sunrise as well as a sunset. As example Baker Beach, Venice Beach , Dunes Beach would do . California Academy of Sciences would offer you a great chance to learn lots of scientific facts. Ghirardelli Square and San Francisco Brewing Company are ideal to dine and you would surely enjoy them . Mr. Holmes Bakehouse and Great American Music Hall are two other places you must definitely visit. Thus it suits to be one of the best places to solo trips.

Almost every destination mentioned above fits for both female and male solo travelers. Even though Italy, France and Mexico are renowned as the best countries for solo trips, the aforesaid destinations prove to us more than enough, that the United States is also a perfect land for solo travelers. If you’re an American or not if you visit USA try to take up a solo trip as it would definitely help you to have some time for yourselves. For that, this would definitely help you and find this useful. That sums up the whole story to explore the best 10 destinations for solo trips in USA.

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