Best Time to Visit African Safari 2022-When To Go On Safari

Best Time to Visit African Safari: Africa is a large continent that is having a kind of Sunny and hot weather throughout the year despite of that many people love to explore Africa in many ways and one of the most famous ways to explore Africa is that going on a safari because that will give you many chances to explore Africa in several ways.

Most of the time people love to explore the wildlife that is indigenous to the African lands and among them are African elephants, lions, impales, antelopes, zebras, etc.

Best Time to Visit African Safari
Best Time to Visit African Safari

Throw these safaris you will get to chance to notice The natural behaviors of the animals as These lands are originally their homes. And as I said before any time would be ideal to visit these safaris as the weather is perfect at any time of the year so that I’m going to bring forth some of the best safaris that you have to take in several months and you can choose the best time that you can take a trip to these African safaris.

January to February

Since there are many African countries in this continent you have to choose wisely which country you should visit in these months and I would like to recommend exploring Tanzania’s safaris in January and February It is mostly because during this time of the year you can notice how the animals migrate to Tanzania’s Serengeti from Kenya’s Masai.

After migrating to Tanzania’s Serengeti you can witness how the calves are born into this world and This is one of the most common experiences you can have in-country during January and February. Further, It is a rifle seen in the southern Serengeti. And also you can see the lions in abundance If you come to Tanzania during this time.

Cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas are also visible during this time since they are also predators like lions and they come out to find their preys. So that the best time to visit Tanzania is the time between January to February.

March to April

I can recommend 3 countries that you should go on safari in March and April and they are South Africa, Ethiopia, and Namibia. First of all we will go through South Africa and what you can experience during the safaris to South Africa.

This time of the year in South Africa is considered the wet season yet it is the ideal time to see the wildlife however the weather is not making you uncomfortable to explore do wildlife. Kruger National Park is a well-known national park where you can go on a safari and see the wildlife that is indigenous to this land.

When talking about Ethiopia you can visit this country at any time of the year however the time between June to September is quite rainy.  The Simien Mountains National Park is the best place where you can go on a safari and this national park is coming under a site that is named to be a world heritage by UNESCO. Caracals, leopards, jackals, hyenas, bushbucks, klipspringers, and lots of species of birds can be seen In this national park and you will find this the ideal spot for safaris in Ethiopia.

Even though Namibia is a desert land You will be surprised by the wonderful safaris you can take In this country and you will be lucky enough to watch lions, zebras and even antelopes in this country during March and April. So that March and April can be recommended as the best time to go on a safari to South Africa, Ethiopia and Namibia.

May to August

There are several countries you can explore during May and August and name some of the countries you can go on safaris during this time are Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, etc.

Even though the beginning of this season is considered to be the coldest season in Madagascar This doesn’t make any difference to watch wildlife in Madagascar. And it is a place that you must visit if you are planning to go on a safari in Africa. You can find all kinds of animals during These months and they include all sorts of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

When turning to Zimbabwe the time between May to June can be considered a transitional season as it is having a mixture of wetness and dryness. However, you will be lucky enough to see lions, leopards, rhinos, zebras, elephants, and other animals In Zimbabwe during this period.

when talking about Rwanda it has sunny weather which is perfect for safaris and during August many people love to go on gorilla trekking which is quite unique to this land. chimpanzees and colobus monkeys can also be found in this country. So keeping your mind to explore these three countries in this period to reap the maximum in your safari experience.

September to December

Ivory Coast, Eswatini, and Kenya can be recommended as the countries that you should visit from September to December If you want to get an epic safari experience and will move on from one country to the other.

First of all, When talking about the Ivory Coast this time of the year is the dry season for this country so it qualifies to be the best time to visit this country. Taï National Park is the place where you can go on a safari to experience the wildlife of the Ivory Coast. And in Eswatini the time between September to October is the springtime So it is having mild weather that provides you to enjoy the outdoor activities here and going on safaris is one of the most famous outdoor activities you can find in this country.

You will get a chance to see elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopards, and lions if you visit Eswatini at this time. And then we’ll move on to Kenya which is known as one of the most famous safari destinations in Africa and one side to recent to say so is that you can find more than 40 national parks in Kenya and each and every one of them provide shelter to the wildlife and you can witness lots of migratory animals When you visit Kenya during September to December.

However, in common many people find the season between May to September as the ideal time to go on a safari to Africa. And Botswana is the country that is mostly known for the African Safaries among visitors from all over the world. To that I think these facts would be sufficient for you to arrange football a perfect safari to African land.

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