Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022

Cities to visit in Ireland:Ireland is really rich for its delicate landscapes. Because the republic has the ownership for almost every coastal island of United Kingdom. That’s what make Ireland more attractive than England and Wales among travelers. Thanks to those various islands, Ireland has so many cultural, historical and natural beauties. They call Ireland, ‘The Emerald Island’ because of its lush forests. Some places in the country are like ancient cities that have been abandoned right before you visit. They are still in that great condition and liveness.  

So, we can agree that size doesn’t matter at all! Ireland is such a resourceful country compared to its size. Here is a list we chose to present you. It is best of the best. Let’s take a look.

cities to visit in Ireland
  1. Dublin
  2. Donegal
  3. Wicklow
  4. Antrim
  5. Ballintoy
  6. Galway
  7. Bushmills
  8. Limerick
  9. Belfast
  10.  Cork city
  11. Londonderry (Derry)
  12. Kilkenny
  13. Dingle
  14.  Munster
  15. Kinsale

1. Dublin


Our first suggestion on the list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ is Dublin. We chose it first because it is the capital city of Ireland. Despite all the beautiful streets that you can wander for hours and charming little restaurants that you can hang-out with your loved ones, the first thing that attracts the visitors’ attention is the city’s amazing and marvelous history.

Unlike other capitals around the world, Dublin is not only home for all the important offices and blocks. Dublin can be named as the capital of museums too. There are so many iconic museums in the city.

Dublin was the home city for the remarkable Irish poet, Oscar Wilde! If you visit the Trinity college, you can see some of the original and amazing inspirational quotes of him. It’s not only him. There are so many remarkable Irish poets and writers who had their education in this very old university.

The city is not very stereotypical. It is safe to say that Dublin is the most vivid city in the country. From foods to music, you have so much to choose. You will never be out of choices in this fabulous city.

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02. Donegal


This is as an ocean city where the things you can try is always somehow related to the ocean. So, if you are an ocean lover, like if you just love to watch the ocean and spend your day besides it, Donegal is the perfect place. That’s why we added Donegal to our list of ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

There are so many cliff tops around the coastal line of the city. If you love evening sightseeing, you can climb up one of these cliffs and have one of the most beautiful sunsets of Atlantic Ocean. If you love to spend some time ‘in’ the water, then you can take a surfing tour with a guide.

He will provide you with mysterious local legends about some of the rock formations which rises above form the ocean. Locals call it ‘The Wishing Chair’. And if you travel more into the city, you will find an amazing national park which has lakes, forests and swamps. There is the famous Donegal castle in the midst of the city. It is standing there since the 15th century.

We suggest you that September will be the best period of the year to visit this beautiful city.

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03. Wicklow


The third city we suggest you in our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’is Wicklow. It is a pretty little city with an amazing historical background. Wicklow has been suffered through various attacks since the 5th century up to the 17th century. From the age of Vikings. And at some point, Wicklow acted as a Franciscan monastery too. There are some well preserved ruins from that era. But despite all the hardships the land has faced, now Wicklow is a delightful little city with so many amazing restaurants and holiday resorts.

While the coastal line is pretty rocky and sandy, the inlands are very much fertile. So, you can see the bluish ocean from one side and some greenish farmlands from the other side. You can have a better view of the ‘two-tone’ country, or the city you can climb to one of the highest peaks of the Wicklow Mountain!

And the topmost fact which attracts thousands of tourists to the Wicklow is its’ valleys. Wicklow has the most mesmerizing valleys in the whole Ireland. Glendalough is the most famous among them. It is an icy valley – a glacial valley which attracts thousands of tourists to her per year. They say that there was an establishment in this valley during the medieval era. Once you visit there, it will be magical to think about an ancient settlement which was there before hundreds of years.

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04. Antrim


When you visit Antrim, you will get confused with difference between the other parts of the Ireland and this land. It’s not only the environment and beauty. It is their culture. It is their society. As Starks of Winterfell these northern Antrim people also have their own pride and quality. But they are very welcoming and great at hospitality. That is why we chose Antrim as our next stop in the list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

Antrim is blessed with nature’s beauties. The best example is dark hedges in Ballymoney. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then you will definitely love to wander along these roads. That is the country road to kings landing!

The city has a quite reputation about its past glory. There are so many stories about it and we can’t deny them once we saw the famous Antrim castle which is 400 years old. It says that all. Another great fact about Antrim is its food. They have the most delicious seafood menus in the whole Ireland. Not only seafood, there are so many little food spots that you can stop and take a break while enjoying some country plates. You will not be disappointed.

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05. Ballintoy


Hello Game of Thrones lovers! Our next suggestion in the list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ will drive you crazy. It is Ballintoy. Or the iron islands! Ballintoy is a small city, pretty much like a village which is located very nearly to the city of Antrim.

All most half of the visitors come here are Game of Thrones fans. So, if you are a one, then you might meet some other fans all around the world. You can easily meet one or two of them if you quickly step into the nearby stone cottage. You will definitely get the feeling that there were Greyjoys here.

The Ballintoy harbor is unbelievably peaceful. And the water in the harbor is as clean as a glass. They say you can even see the fishes swimming. Even though the harbor Is quite Ballintoy is not a very quiet place. As a crossing point of many paths to the many famous places in the country, Ballintoy plays a great role in the medium of transportation too. Ballintoy can be named as a place which can give you the rural Ireland vibe. You can examine or take part in day actual day-to-day life.

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06. Galway


Our next suggestion on the list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ is Galway. Galway is a coastal city that lies in the west part of the country, Ireland. You can say that Galway is a renaissance city at the first moment you stepped into the city. Even though the city has fully recreated, you can still have that medieval feeling in Galway. The main part which brings that vibe is the stone made city walls. So, it is safe to say Galway is one of the most unique places in our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

The people in Galway love hand knitting. If you wander along the streets of the city, you can buy some nice and cozy hand knitted sweaters. There are so many traditional pubs that many locals visit. They sat there by fire and sing and talk in Irish. Those people love their country life. If you get lucky to find someone who speaks English, you can ask them about their legends and myths while sipping a nice and warm Irish tea.

You definitely have to spend at least one night in Galway. After spending some time with locals in a pub, you can wander along the cobbled streets which lie along the coastal line with your loved ones. Nothing van be compared to the beauty of the sunset on Galway beaches.

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07. Bushmills


This is a small city which located in the northern coast of the country. The city is famous for two things. It is for its old whiskey distiller and for Giant’s Causeway. So, our next suggestion in the list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ is Bushmills.

If you are a whiskey lover, then you must be familiar with Irish whiskey. People travel here to explore this really old whiskey distillers. And they have some rare limited versions there. So, you could try some of them.

And the next place that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists is the Giant’s Causeway. If you are familiar with the natures wonders around the world, then you may know about The Giant’s Causeway. It doesn’t matter whether you have known about there or not, Giant’s Causeway should be a must visit place on your travel bucket list, ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

Can you believe there are naturally built rock columns that are over 12 meters tall? They look like the concrete columns we use in our day-to-day. There are 40,000 perfectly shaped interlocking columns in Giant’s Causeway. They are naturally made of basalt. People in Bushmills have several stories about how these columns had been made.

Most famous and relevant one is that they say there were giants in there long ago and they made this as their pathway. And to prove the story there is a rock formation which exactly looks like a giant boot. And don’t forget to spend an evening Giant’s Causeway. You will love this place.

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08. Limerick


The next suggestion in our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ is a castle city. There is nothing wrong in naming Limerick as the Irish city of castle. They call it the city of culture too. the city is a mixture of grit and glitz. You can have the newest and the oldest Ireland at the very same Limerick.  The oldtown is packed with al these mighty and aged castles and the new town is delighted with all the kinds of restaurants, bars and shops.

King John’s castle in the old city is standing there since the 13th century. Another fact that kept the medieval vibe remained in Limerick is the old town’s Georgian houses. It is amazing that after the hundreds of sieges they faced in past and still managed to renovated this city to this glory. There are so many houses with Georgian style and they have beautifully preserved that old taste to the new Limerick. There is an unusual amount of art galleries and museums in this city. You will be amazed.

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09. Belfast


This next city in our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ is really famous for one thing. It is as the birth place of the doomed ship, Titanic! Belfast is the place where they build the ship and they have built a museum to live the memory of Titanic forever.

The remains and the original dockyard are well preserved and open to visitors. And the rest of the ground near the museum hosts various kinds of cultural and ecstatic concerts. That will fade away the sorrowfulness you felt inside the museum and enlighten your mood.

As the capital of the Northern Ireland, Belfast has a zoo, botanical garden and an opera house! What a great place to spend some of the best days of your life. It is safe to say to explore the whole Belfast, it will take you at least 4 days.

And Belfast is really famous among honeymooners. They say it is a paradise for young couples who love to spend some great time with their other half.

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10. Cork city

Cork city

The next city we suggest you in our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ is the second largest city in the country, Cork. As the city is huge, there are so many things to do and to see.

There are so many cultural places that you can visit in Cork. There are various heritage centers like Jameson and Cobh. They represent their culture and heritage through various approaches. There are various concerts, speeches, art galleries and exhibitions with so much details.

And the city Cork has a good number of castles which stand there since 16th century. Like Blarney castle, Bantry house and gardens, Barryscourt castle, Blackrock castle and many more. All of these castles are war related and survived and several sieges. Some of them are still stands with the 1600s glory and some are modified up to the date.

The most favorite castle among them is Blarney castle. It is famous because of the castle’s ‘kissing stone’. They say that if you kiss that stone, it will gift you with eloquence. Whether it is true or not, thousands of visitors visit there each year. For 200 years! There are so many legends and myths and debates about this stone. So, it is worth giving a try. So, be quick and add Cork city to your travel bucket list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

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11. Londonderry


The city Londonderry is commonly named as Derry. The city is famous for its past glory. Especially the city wall with 7 gates. It was built in the 17th century. Despite its age, the wall is still remaining completely. That is one of the major reasons that attracts tourists to Londonderry throughout the year. And that is why we added Londonderry to our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

And another place that makes Londonderry famous is its museum. The Tower Museum shares an enormous amount of their glorious history. As a city which has faced 9 sieges and still stand strong. So, we make sure that there are so many war-related historical exhibits in the museum.  

And it is not only the city and history. Londonderry has an amazing beach. The Downhill Beach is iconic as the longest one in the northern coastal line of the country. The beach is very sandy and they organize various beach related activities and water sports. They hold them pretty much through out the year.

So, Londonderry is another all-in-one spot in our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

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12. Kilkenny


This is our next suggestion in the list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’. The city was settled continuously from 1190s. And played an important role throughout the history. Even though city has modernized, nothing could change the ancient medieval effect from the city. So, Kilkenny can be named as a medieval town even in 2022.

This is a very religious town, not only past, but also in the present times. Their religious roots have proven that they cannot be drag and put away. So, Kilkenny has so many cathedrals and friaries. Many of them are from the 13th century.

Another fact which makes famous is its Round Tower. The view from the tower is breath taking. You can see the distribution of the streets from the center of the city.

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13. Dingle


This place became famous because of one reason. That, it is the only city in the dingle peninsula. so, it is the only place where you can stay and explore the dingle peninsula. and if you visited Ireland and left without visiting the peninsula, it’s a waste. So, that’s why we add dingle to our list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

There is an aquarium. It has otters, penguins and sharks!  As a port city, dingle has many beautiful sandy beaches. There are so many beach pubs with traditional food menus and music. And an evening in the sand will be perfect. You can see the sun sets at the horizon. And at the far ends, you can see little islets drowning in the dark. According to the visitors, best time to visit dingle is from May to October.

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14. Munster


This is one of the most ancient cities in the country. It has been an ancient and traditional seat for over a century. The reason why we add this to the list ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’ is The Rock of Cashel. Locals have so many legends about this The Rock of Cashel. If you can afford a guided tour through the city, you will not miss a thing.

The Cashel has the characters of medieval architecture and Celtic art. As the Cashel is located on top of a rock, the view is breath taking. The Cashel is not just a Cashel. It is a combination of many things. Like, chapels, a castle and many cathedrals which have the gothic designs.

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15. Kinsale


This is a city which locates very near to the city Cork. Specialty of the city Kinsale is its fortresses and there are two fortresses. One is a bit smaller one. And the other one is a big one. And it has the shape of a star. It is called Charles port and it attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. There is a museum which is build in an ancient court house. it displays the history of the Kinsale and two fortresses.

Another fact that makes this place more important is food. They say if you want to taste the real Ireland food, then you should come to Kinsale. And if you are planning to visit Kinsale for food, then you should visit there in October. It is the month they held their famous food fare! They call it the Gourmet festival. You can taste almost every traditional food of Ireland in this fare.

Food and history. A bit weird combination.

From ancient castles to the amazing landscapes which amuses the greatest film makers, Ireland is a heaven on the earth. So, hurry up and ready the packs to complete the tour, ‘Best 15 cities to visit in Ireland 2022’.

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