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Animals are wonderful creations of God and among all of them dogs are very familiar to humans. Dogs are very loyal and faithful as well thus humans consider dogs as their best colleagues. And dogs are also very friendly with humans. So there’s no wonder you’ll feel sorry for leaving your pet behind and have a nice time on a beach. Thus Thus I’m going to unveil some of the best dog friendly beaches in Maryland and you won’t regret it if you choose one of the following choices to accompany your loving doggies.

Dog friendly beaches Maryland

1.Assateague National Seashore

Assateague National Seashore

This is a beach that you’ll definitely love since one specialty of this beach is you can take your beloved dog with you to here. They’re permitted to go to the Maryland portion of Assateague National Seashore. Dogs can go to the beach and get soaked in ocean water there.

But that’s only your dogs can wander freely since they cannot go to the nature trails or the area that belongs to Virginia portion of Assateague Island. Even though the dogs are allowed to the Seashore you have to always control them with a leash that is 6 feet in length. But it’s defined that your dogs and puppies would love to swim and play in the shallow water of Assateague National Seashore.

2.Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach

Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach

This is another wonderful beach that you and your dogs would definitely love. It is situated toward the perimeter trail in Downs Memorial Park. And many people bring their puppies to make them learn swimming. But be careful to put a leash on them while you release them to water.

This small beach would provide your dog’s safety since the shore is enclosed with a fence. So you can unleash your dog to wander around freely after swimming.  So bring your little pups and the beginners to swim in this Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach. Because the shallow water would be ideal for them to learn it. So this Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach can be recommended as one of the best dog beaches in Maryland.

3.Matapeake Park Dog Beach

Matapeake Park Dog Beach

Matapeake Park Dog Beach is rather a small beach with shallow water that is ideal for a dog friendly beach. There’s a separate area for the dogs to swim and they can be unleashed in that area . Also, Matapeake Park Dog Beach accompanies a walking trail that fits perfectly for the dogs  .

After walking through that trail the dogs would be rejuvenated by swimming. Further, this is a perfect chance for the dogs to get socialize. Because there are plenty of other dogs and people that they have to endure if they visit this beach. Thus it can be considered as one of the best dog friendly beaches in Maryland that your doggies would love.

4.Terrapin Nature Park and beach

Terrapin Nature Park and beach

Terrapin Nature Park is a huge land that stretches about 270 acres where you have to walk  passing woodlands, marsh, and tidal ponds.  Thus you can take a trail that you can walk with your leashed dog and reach the shore .

This is also a small beach that is not having deep water which is ideal for dogs . You can take the shelter under the huge trees that are enclosing the shore .The south end of the beach is dedicated to fogs and the beach is sandy so that your dog can play and swim freely as they wish .So you can understand that this is one of the best dog friendly beaches in Maryland.

5.Ocean City Beach

Ocean City Beach

Ocean City Beach is very dog friendly but you are allowed to take your dog just to the beach and broad walking track . And the dogs are permitted from October 1 to April 30. And you have to keep them on  the leash since that’s good for your dogs ‘ safety . Newly trained and newbies in swimming can learn swimming leisurely but you have to clean the beach with whatever you or your dog leave on the beach and it creates a healthy environment for the dogs .

However you can visit this beach in  autumn/ fall and spring where the weather is mild and good for a day out.Thus don’t forget to bring your dogs to Ocean City Beach in Maryland.

6.Flag Ponds Nature Park Beach

Flag Ponds Nature Park Beach

Flag Ponds Nature Park is a wonderful dog friendly place . This is a park with natural resources and is having fun a beach too . The shoreline has embedded with natural beauty and it has  many other places to watch .

However it dedicates to dogs but as usual in every dog friendly beaches you have to put a leash on to your dogs and then let them enjoy swimming in the beautiful shoreline.  This sandy beach is ideal for the dogs to play on their own  .Thus this Flag Ponds Nature Park  becomes one of the best dog friendly beaches in Maryland.

7.Quiet Waters Park Beach

Quiet Waters Park Beach

Quiet Waters Park is a beach park that welcomes our faithful friends in most of the months in the year. Your dog will love to swim around in the beach but as usual you have to put a leash on them .Also there are two dog parks that are specially make to dogs where they can enjoy what ever the games they love .Also Quiet Waters Park provides several walking trails that you can take your dog with a leash .And  I feel that your dog will feel this as a paradise in Maryland.

Thus it’s apparent that dogs can enjoy the outdoors when they go to a dog friendly park like this and Maryland is a paradise of dog friendly beaches and addedcto the above illustrations Chesapeake Beach is also a dog friendly beach .And in certain beaches dogs have specially dedicated areas for them . Thus they won’t be appalled by the other people in the beaches who are not in to dogs . However if you’re in a haste to take your dog to a beach ,Voila Maryland is the ideal place.

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