Ghost towns in Northern California-Amazing places

Basically a ghost town is a deserted city where there are few inhabitants or none at all. These ghost towns are supposed to be the homes of the spirits of dead. Some people believe that in these ghost towns creepy things happen and they relate them to the unseen powers. However, these ghost towns in Northern California are created due to several circumstances. It can be due to wars that existed in a particular city. So it’s quite natural for the people to leave behind that city to evade the war. Or else we find a certain town that has been abandoned due to consistent natural disasters such as flood, soil erosion etc. Further, we can find examples of ghost towns from all over the world that are happened to make due to nuclear experiments.

However, these creepy ghost towns have caught the eyes of many people and that’s why people flood to watch these ghost towns. Northern California is a place where you can find plenty of ghost towns. Through this, I’m going to unveil some of the most popular ghost towns in Northern California.

Ghost towns in Northern California



This is one of the most known ghost towns in Northern California, USA. Around 1876, it had a huge population and that can be considered as the hay days of this city. Since at the outset they found silver mines here and later it was so very lucky to find gold mines too. But it declined as a city in the following years and eventually,it was named as a ghost city 

in 1915. This was a city once flourishing has become a ghost town now and has won the hearts of millions of visitors nowadays. There’s the church, schoolhouse and barbershop where you can find the remnants of the things the people used to live here. Bodie State Historic Park is a new development of the city where you can sneak a peek into the history of this ghost town. However, there’s a superstitious belief that the ones who take the remnants of the things from this ghost town in Northern California tend to suffer from nightmares and it’s better to leave them as they are. However, it would be a great experience to witness this ghost town in Northern California.

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2. Auburn


Among plenty of ghost towns in Northern California, Auburn is also very popular among travellers. Many people who love horror and thrill are mostly motivated to explore this ghost town. In 1862 this city flourished to a more crowded city with more inhabitants. As the previous ghost town, this is also a city where there were gold mines and by 1870 this city was abandoned with a small population. After several attempts to reopen the mines they were finally shut and that’s how this ended up as a ghost town. And if you like to visit this Auburn many people would volunteer to take you a tour in this ghost town in Nothern California since people around this city make a living through that . And they’ll entertain you with several stories of this Northern Californian ghost town.

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Placerville is known as Old Dry Diggings, Dry Diggings and Hangtown in United is another ghost town in Northern California. This city got these names d is to several reasons. And I think the story behind the name “Hangtown” would impress you. Through the meaning itself, you can understand that. Many people were hung ruthlessly in this city as a punishment for robbing and there were two French men and one Chilean among the gangsters who had to undergo this fatal punishment.

Like most of the ghost towns in Northern California, this city also had a gold mine and after that mine was abandoned, the city was also eventually deserted. The official name of the city Hangtown is a reflection of its gruesome past. However, this city has now become a historical landmark in California and of you love to witness the remnants of this ghost town and have a thrilling experience you’re more than welcome to the city.

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Susanville is also known as Rooptown is yet another city that has been able to give a mind blow to the people in Northern California. So, it has been named as a ghost town in the 20th century. It was basically a land of agriculture and mining. But it declined due to its lack of occupations later. And there were two prisons as California Correctional Center and High Desert State Prison where most of the villagers were occupied. Due to the two prisons, this city is named as a ghost town. Despite being a ghost town, it’s a beautiful city where many visitors annually come. There are several places that you can come and enjoy. Eagle Lake, Honey Lake, Lake Almanor and Roop’s Fort/William Pratt Memorial Museum are some of them. So you can always enjoy this beautiful city with the spooky atmosphere.

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5.French Gulch.

French Gulch

Another ghost town in Northern California, that have had gold mines and up to date the main process happening here is gold mining. This is a city that has been enlisted in the 

National Register of Historic Places. French Gulch Hotel is one of the remaining historical buildings where you can dine and spend a night. Franck’s Store and the Oddfellow’s Hall are some other places you should visit. Further, witness if you come to this French Gulch ghost town. This city has been initially found by French miners. But the city was burnt due to a forest fire and that’s when the city started to decline. However, this sleepy city is now visited by those who are interested in thrilling adventures. For that this ghost town in Northern California would help a lot.

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6.Old Shasta

Old Shasta

Another ghost town in Northern California that I’d enlisted in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and there’s Shasta State Historic Park that has been able to elevate value given to Old Shasta. In 1848 with the discovery of gold mines there was a gold rush in this city . Old Shasta was one crowded with inhabitants yet in 1873. This city was almost deserted due to its unfortunate loss of gold mining. Now, this ghost town is a place that bears the remnants of its past. There are several old gold mines, a church, a post office and some other brick buildings from the 19th century. If you visit this city you can essentially learn about the history of the gold mines and how people in Old Shasta spent their lives in that era. So this ghost town in Northern California is always open to you.

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7. Coulterville

Old Shasta

The city Coulterville was earlier called Maxwell’s Creek where the Mexicans who used to live here cultivated wheat. It was after George W. Coulter- who was the initial to live here – the city was named. This city is also named as a California Historical Landmark. A wide expanse of the city is enlisted in the National Register of Historic Places like most of the Northern Californian ghost towns. Despite of name as a ghost town, Coulterville is a magnet that attracts visitors from all over the United States. Northern Mariposa County History Center is such a place that gives you a whole account of Coulterville history. Lake Tulloch Boat Rental and Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad are some other places you must visit in Coulterville.

8.Angels Camp

Angels Camp

Angels Camp is called by many names such as City of Angels, Angel’s Camp, Angels, Angels City, Carson’s Creek etc. This was a city that had rich land but people weren’t satisfied through that. And also, went in search of greener pastures. But after the discovery of gold mines, people flooded back to Angel’s Camp. This is also named as a California Historical Landmark which gives us a reflection on the value of this ghost city. Angels Camp City Museum is a place where you can see the living history of Angel’s Camp. Moaning Caverns Adventure Park is a place where you can get an adrenaline rush through the adventures. So that you can visit this Northern Californian ghost town when you are in California.



Coloma which is also known as Mystery Camp is a ghost town that is situated near the ghost town Garnet Ghost Town. Most of the details of this city are not known up to date. But it says that this Coloma city must have been created around 1896. And most of the evidence of this city proves it to be a city centred around gold mining. The Archaeological studies done by the students of Montana should be honoured for that revelation. And as a result, they have found mining shafts, ventilation systems, pumping machines and remains of narrow-gauge railroad tracks. Thus this is named as a ghost town in Northern California. And the origin of the city and reasons to abandon is not revealed up to date.

10.Malakoff Diggins

Malakoff Diggins

This is another renowned ghost town in Northern California. This is also known as the city that bears the largest hydraulic mine in California.Due to that, there was a huge gold rush in this city.There are several buildings that bears evidence to that . Typically this ghost town is also in the list of National Register of Historic Places.This city Malakoff Diggins attracts several visitors and they are given the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the Malakoff Diggins . People found gold mines in streams and after no more was discovered in them and later people discovered gold from riverbeds. However gradually with the lack of gold amount they found, this city was abandoned. Further this has been named as a ghost town now.


I have forwarded you about 10 ghost towns you can find in Nothern California. Let me answer you for some of the most asked questions by the travellers. They often worry whether they charge to watch and explore these ghost towns. Of course not , you can visit these places for free of charge and sometimes the authorities 

ask for volunteers to help them manage the cities. And many ask where is the abandoned ghost town in California. The answer is there are many and specially Eagle Mountain, California is very popular among travelers, since it’s a modern-day ghost town. Sometimes many people wonder is it legal to explore ghost towns and I can guarantee you that it is legal . But you can never ever allowed to take anything from these ghost towns. And people ask what is the most famous ghost town in California and it is non-other than Malakoff Diggins. So after reading this you might be interested in exploring a ghost town and don’t forget Northern California is the best spot to do it.Thus find an interesting place from the choices given above and have a thrilling experience . 

So that brings us to the end of the thrilling exploration of the ghost towns in Northern California. Hope you find this useful. 

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