Why Living in Japan 2022-Best things to know before move

Living in Japan-Japan is an island country that is located in East Asia and it is marking its territory alongside the Pacific Ocean. The capital of the country is Tokyo and their national language is Japanese. Japan is ranked as the 11th densely populated country in the world and the capital of the country is known to be the most populated metropolitan in the world. Because of that to The Convenience of administrative purposes, it has been divided into 47 administrative sections and eight traditional regions. Living in Japan is more convenient.

Japan is a country that is having a long history that runs back to 30,000 BC and there are several eras that are distinctly divided according to the reigns of the kings.

Japanese people highly appreciate their culture and there are lots of evidence throughout their country to prove their cordial with culture, for example, we can take their architecture, art and special events etc. And also Japan is  a very developed country and also they are highly disciplined. All these facts have been the reasons to the People’s attempt to migrate into Japan and have a beautiful life ahead in Japan.

But there are several things that you should be aware of, Before going and settle down in Japan So that’s why I thought of giving you some facts that will be helpful for you to before going and living in Japan.

Living in Japan
Living in Japan

1.The Cost of Living in Japan

Living in Japan
Living in Japan

The more important when migrating into another country is the living cost. So you should be well aware of the living cost in Japan. As I mentioned earlier Japan is a densely populated country so you have less space as your accommodations in this country. But it does not mean that you don’t have enough space here because Japanese government always welcomes foreigners to live in their country. However, Japan is known to be One of the countries that is having a high living cost in the world and the population of the country has influenced on this.

Some other reasons for the high living cost of the country is that most of the dairy products are imported to Japan from other countries and they are twice or thrice expensive as the imported price. And the Japanese people always adore the high quality products and most of the products including clothes are top graded. And also Tokyo which is the capital of the country is influencing the high cost of these services and products because Tokyo is known to be one of the most experienced cities in the world so the prices of Tokyo is influencing the rest of the country as well.


Living in Japan
Living in Japan

And I mentioned earlier Japan offers you less space as your accommodation. As the population of the country is very high, the architectures and designers try to minimize the space. They always try to give accommodations for many but with limited space per house. If you are a person who loves plenty of space and freedom in a house Japan is not the place for you. Because after some times many people feel cramped in the house and some people suffer of claustrophobia too.


You have to migrate to a country after finding an occupation for yourself. When it comes to Japan they give priority to language learning. They highly appreciate the native English teachers as migrants to their country. And also they have a special place for the French teachers too. Further German Korean Italian and few other language teachers are welcomed to their country. Because there are lots of language schools in Japan the highly welcome the above-mentioned language teachers.

You can join the companies according to your qualifications in Japan. Remote working is also available In some parts of the country. But more than anything Japanese expect you to dedicate so much into your job. Most of the time they expect you to consider your job as your second family. It means you have to dedicate space for your job as you does for your family. And if you are expecting a job in an office you have to at least dedicate 12 hours of your day even if you are a foreigner.

4. Food

Living in Japan
Living in Japan

Japan can be introduce as one of the countries that are having most sumptuous delicacies  in the world. Many people love Japanese food and there are lots of things that you can choice according to your taste buds. Japanese sushi is a highlight of their culture and many foreigners prefer this. Even if you are not a fan of sushi you have a variety of cuisine in Japan such as seafood, rice and vegetable dishes, sweet desserts, noodles, ramen, yakisoba etc.

Most of these food are high quality and the noodles and ramen can be provided to a very cheap price. However if you are  living in Japan you have to learn to handle the chopsticks in the correct manner. Because most of the food in Japan are served with chopsticks. And there are some table manners that you should learn when handling chopsticks.


Japan is having one of the top rated health care systems in the whole world and they have a developed health care system with high technology. The hospitals are also very developed and consist with the high technology equipments. The staff of the hospitals are very efficient. The well-trained doctors and the nurses always devoted to their job. The medicines of the Japanese people are stronger than what expats will find in other countries. That means that you need a prescription for most of the medicine and you cannot buy them just because you want.


Living in Japan

Everyone in any country love to go shopping and they need to go shopping despite of the place they live. And Japan is a paradise for shopping not just for clothes but also for the at the essentials as well. Even though the prices are quite high the quality of the products are also very high. And you can find all the essentials you need under One roof. Because Japanese people arrange their stores including all the essentials. So that you need not to worry of shopping in Japan. Living in Japan makes your life more convenience.

So you might understand that there are both pros and cons when you are living in Japan. But it can be recommend as a good place to live in because there are many opportunities for you to developed and spend a happy and successful life here.

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