Best 5 Los Angeles Tourist Spots-You should visit 2022

Los Angeles Tourist Spots-Los Angeles is a city that is flourishing day by day and it is known to be one of the densely populated cities in United States. This ever beautiful and busy Los Angeles is located in the southern California of USA. Los Angeles is a hub that is very famous for the film industry. The entertainment industry and it is overly famous when it comes to Hollywood. If you are travelling to Hollywood, aware about Los Angeles Tourists spots is more worth.

It is known as the creative center of United States because of the aforesaid fact. And added to that Los Angeles is very famous as a tourist destination. It is famous for sightseeing, shopping,world class gastronomy, fun and entertainment, etc. There are a number of Los Angeles Tourist spots you should visit.

There are many beautiful places which are holding legendary history and sometimes they reveal their relationship to nature. The museums and the wonderful beaches are the best examples to prove that. There are some highlights In this city which has gained the love and attraction of the Americans as well as foreigners. Disneyland and the Universal studios stand as strong illustrations to that factor. There are a number of Los Angeles tourist spots you can experience.

Thus you might have understood that there are thousand of places that you must visit in Los Angeles. As a helping hand, I would like to give you some of the best tourist attractions in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Tourist Spots

What are the famous Los Angeles Tourist spots?

Even though there are hundreds of Los Angeles tourist spots, there are some eye-catching, exciting places in Los Angeles. Check these adorable Los Angeles Tourists spots in your trip to Hollywood.

1.Universal Studios

Universal Studios
Universal Studios

As I mentioned earlier Universal Studios is one of the highlights in Los Angeles that is world famous and many people are dying to have an experience in this world class theme park as it is that famous all over the world. But it is essential to mention that This is not just a theme park but also a studio that is still using and working on movies.

The theme park has consisted with many rides including roller coasters and simulators.  And they are designed and created according to some of the world renown movies such as Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Jurassic World, The Simpsons, Transformers, etc. You can have a ride on the roller coasters that are customized according to your favorite movie.

However, the theme park is not just consistent with the rides but also with shopping centers,  shows, CityWalk, theaters, and restaurants.  Once you get Exhausted with the rides you can enjoy the city walk or else go on shopping which will surely fade away your exhaust. Also, you will love the guided tour of the Universal Studios where you will get a chance to take a look at the settings of the world famous movies.

So that you can understand that universal studios are one of the top rated of Los Angeles tourist spots that you will go insane due to the wonderful and mesmerizing creations you will witness inside it.

2.Griffith Park

Griffith Park
Griffith Park

Santa Monica mountains are known as one of the most beautiful places in United States and you will find it as one of the Los Angeles tourist spots. Actually, Griffith park is the eastern part of this beautiful place. It is known to be the largest State Park in the beautiful state of California. It consists of lots of spacious and maybe that is why lots of tourists attract as it’s an observatory. Also it includes a zoo, planetarium, a riding center, and a theater too. Also, there are some golf courses and tennis courts in it. So all these places mean that this place is solely made for tourists.

The observatory in this park is very famous as it gives you the wonderful scenery of Los Angeles and There are some telescopes which make you easy to observe the nature and the highlight of this telescope collection is that the Zeiss telescope which we normally used to observe the moon. And this observatory is open to the public and It is free of charge. So that I think Griffith park is one of wonderful  Los Angeles tourist spots.



Disneyland is also one of the most visited and loved places in Los Angeles. And it is a very famous family friendly destination in Los Angelies and I think your kids would especially love this place. It was created in 1950s and ever since it has gained a huge tourist attraction. And many people love the Disneyland adventure park that has been created as one of the expansions in this Disneyland. Disneyland is a perfect place for your kids as if you are searching for Los Angeles Tourist Spots.

You can find some of the most adventurous experiences that are based on some of the famous adventurous films. Just as the universal studios you will find some rides that are themed according to some of the world hit movies and the latest addition is that Star Wars-themed rides.

You can find some of the restaurants and shops that are themed according to these movies. And there’s no wonder that you over find several Disney characters but we love In this Disneyland. By now you have realized that Disneyland is one of the best Los Angeles tourist spots that has won the hearts of the tourists.

4.The Getty Center

The Getty Center
The Getty Center

The Getty Center is a piece of wonderful architecture that is located in the summit of Santa Monica mountains that is stretching over hundred and ten acres. It can be considered as A museum. It includes a collection of paintings,decorative arts, sculptures that belongs to European artists and also it includes the photographs of the past two centuries.

it includes a Roman country house which makes the surrounding more appealing. And also you can get a scenario of Los Angeles when you are looking out from the Getty Center. Further you can grab a nice meal from the restaurant that is located in the same space. You can enjoy your meal while pleasing your eyes with the beautiful and serene surrounding of the Getty Center. So that you might understand that this place is a must visit top attraction as Los Angeles tourist spots.

5. Hollywood


We can never forget Hollywood when it comes to it Los Angeles and you might be wondering that is there anything named Hollywood that can be seen physically. Of course, it does because there are lots of historical attractions in Hollywood. Such as the  Hollywood sign, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Chinese Theatre. Also, there are some of the shopping malls that are frequently visited by Hollywood stars. So don’t forget to sneak a peek into Hollywood when it comes to Los Angeles.

All the five places that are mentioned above are the most visited Los Angeles tourist spots. And visiting these places would give you an unforgettable experience in Los Angeles.

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