10 Best Northern California natural hot springs-You can’t miss

Northern California natural hot springs:There are wonderful miracles of mother nature and she has given us the chance to witness them and even enjoy them under the promise of not letting them be polluted. One such miraculous creation of nature is hot springs or hot water springs. There are plenty of reasons to say so . One is that the surroundings around these hot springs are extraordinarily serene and calm.

The solace a man-  who struggles with busy lives-  expect is overflowing in this kind of a place. The steam that erupts from the springs and the bubbling water is like a medication to an exhaust soul and body . That’s why people tend to find a hot spring as a destination on their vacations and trips. Especially in USA, people tend to go in search of such places during the freezing winters and on the other seasons too.

In that process usually find Northern California more capable since this is an area enclosed with hot springs. Thus I’m going to unveil some of the natural hot springs of Northern California.

Northern California natural hot springs
Northern California natural hot springs

1.Marin Tidal Hot Springs

Marin Tidal Hot Springs

This is considered the closest hot spring to San Francisco and what’s special about it. Marin Tidal Hot Springs is that it’s a beach spring that is very near to the coastal area and many visitors tend to come and enjoy this therapeutic hot spring that gets together with the land in a rocky area. You can get a chance to be in these hot springs for two hours but only when the tides are low. If you like you can dig your own pool with sand and enjoy the warm water.

I feel that it would be a great experience since no one tries to make their own pools to enjoy hot springs. And you can take your kids with you too since they would also love to get soaked in a hot spring pool. Thus it can be considered as one of the best hot springs in Northern California.

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2.Vichy Hot Springs

Vichy Hot Springs

Vichy Hot Springs are not just a mere set of hot springs. Since it has a proud history of 150 years. Thus it is considered as a landmark of California. If you’re planning to visit Mendocino’s wine country you can definitely sneak a peek into these old Vichy hot springs since they are not far from Mendocino’s wine country. These springs touch the land level six miles underneath the surface level of the earth.

The water of these Vichy hot springs are rich in minerals and carbon dioxide which helps to relieve the stress and the exhaust from your body. This is also a combination of mineral baths, soaking pools, and a swimming pool. Where you can choose anything as you wish. After hiking in Mendocino’s wine country trails you can come here to get a therapeutic bath in Vichy hot springs, one of the most amazing hot springs in Northern California.

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3. Mercey Hot Springs

Mercey Hot Springs

It is also another wonder in Northern California especially due to the environment it is situated. Calmness and serenity abound in the Mercy hot springs. These Northern Californian hot springs are enclosed in the steep hills of Central Valley. Despite being set far from the coastal area these Mercy hot springs are adored by the younger generation as well as the older generation. After a long hike in you can enjoy a sauna bath.

You’ll definitely enjoy these hot springs every season. They offer you a variety of tubs you can choose according to your choice such as individual tubs, big pools etc. You can enjoy even as a family together if you visit these Mercy hot springs that are one of the best Northern Californian hot springs.

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4.Orr Hot Springs

Orr Hot Springs

Mendocino country is being fortunate to bear very precious places in it. Orr springs are one such precious place in it. These Orr hot springs are set deep in the Mendocino hills. There have an expansion of 27 acres where you can enjoy warm medicament like water as you wish.

The headwaters of the Big River has been the grounds to these Orr hot springs.  You can enjoy an overnight trip and even a campsite would be perfect if you visit here since the resort supplies you accommodations including cabins, yachts and rooms. Also, there is a wonderful spot you would love and that’s the stargazing rooftop tubs . Thus you can understand that this is a wonderful hot spring you can only find in Nothern California.

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5. Esalen Hot Springs

Esalen Hot Springs

This is a set of Cliffside hot springs set on Esalen, as to why Esalen hot springs are part of the Esalen institute which has a long history. Thus this is one of the most famous hot springs in Northern California. The upper level of the springs consists of a message deck and hot tubs. Single tubs and larger tubs are also available so that you can choose whatever you like. Clothing is optional but not compulsory here.

Thus you can have a nice time in these Esalen hot springs. Since there are both outdoor and indoor pools you can either choose outside and have a nice bath with sunshine or else you can choose indoors and get a tranquil mind free of distractions. So visit Esalen hot springs and find the Northern Californian charming fascinating.

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6. Wilbur Hot Springs, Williams

Wilbur Hot Springs

To escape the tiresome day to day life Wilbur Hot Springs would be ideal. The healing nature of these hot springs have been recognized by the natives, that’s why there have been visiting this place for years. You might find this as a panacea due to the healing nature of the Wilbur Hot Springs and the water pumping system was created according to a Japanese style.

The clothing is optional in this place and you can enjoy the warmth of spring water according to the reserved time. You can enjoy plenty of other facilities such as Yoga and massage decks which will surely enhance the relaxation you gained through Wilbur Hot Springs. Eventually, it becomes one of the best hot springs in Northern California.

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7. Sykes Hot Springs, Big Sur

Sykes Hot Spring

Big Surprise is reputedly known as a hiking trail and you can go on hiking until you sweat and then you can come to Sykes hot springs, which takes only 10 miles time. Even though it is quite remote from the human inhabitants, people visit this place in groups and that would be more than enough to prove the uniqueness of the Sykes hot springs.

There are three pools on the roofs and a lot more are underneath them. It says that some locals try to hide the signs on the way to Sykes hot springs because they want to protect the precious springs. So that you can understand that you must visit this place if you’re in California. That’s why it has become one of the best hot springs in Northern California.

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8. Feather River Hot Springs, Twain

Feather River Hot Springs

This is surrounded by trees in a small wood and a lake accompanies the place too.You have to take a rocky footpath but don’t worry you’ll never be disappointed, since the surrounding is that breathtaking.

You can also enjoy the sunset of California while having a soothing bath in a hot tub. Thus you can have a wonderful time in these Feather River Hot Springs either in a tub or a pool as you wish. The magnificent Feather River Hot Springs in Twain thus can be considered as one of the best hot springs in Northern California.

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9.Calistoga Spa Hot Springs, Calistoga

Calistoga Spa Hot Springs

One reason for the city -Calistoga to stand is these Calistoga Spa Hot Springs and there is no wonder why it is enlisted as a part of the NorCal’s landmark resorts. These hot springs are being visited since 1900 and the facilities supplied have an equal length. It consists of 4 hot springs in total which has a temperature varying from one another.

There’s a variety of pools including a whirlpool, a soaking pool, a multi-lane lap pool and a pool for kids. Once you spent a day in Calistoga Spa Hot Springs you’ll realize that this was the break you needed so much. Because the mineral water will definitely relax your body and mind. Thus these Northern Californian hot springs will be a much needed gift you should give to yourself.

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10.Dr Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort, Calistoga

Dr Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort

There’s a set of geothermal hot springs in Dr Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort which is quite unique to it. Also, it accompanies several mineral baths tubs. That’s why many people flood to see and enjoy Dr Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort.

It is a perfect location to go on relaxing since it has consisted with a spa which is an added advantage to the relaxation you expected. Another thing that adds a speciality to these Dr Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort is that they offer you to get mud baths. People consider as a good treatment to your skin. Thus you can undoubtedly consider this as one of the best hot springs in Northern California.

So I guess these facts would give you an answer to the problem that California has any natural hot springs. It is obviously yes and these given illustrations are all natural hot springs in Northern California. And many people wonder whether Shasta has hot springs and the answer is positive.

Because it is the land of Stewart Mineral Hot Springs which is one of the oldest hot springs in California. Thus the given facts would be a favour to you to find the most popular hot springs in Northern California. And it’s obvious that each and every place mentioned above would full fill your necessity of relaxation. So don’t forget to visit them. Thus it concludes the journey over the best hot springs in Northern California.

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