Places to visit in florida- 10 Top tourists attraction.

Places to visit in florida:Florida is a place with a year along with warm weather and stretches of white sandy beaches. Florida features a wide range of amusement parks, national parks, and top-notch tourist attractions, making it flock by thousands of visitors.  It provides diverse experiences that cater to everyone.

While fans of the sun visit coastal cities like Miami, families head to Orlando to enjoy an adventurous day with their children. Florida is a haven to escape the mundane life to unwind and enjoy to the fullest. These are the most attractive places to visit in Florida.

Kennedy Space Center

places to visit in florida

Kennedy Space Center is ideal for spec lovers and curious minds. The center is a combination of excitement and education where space exploration has made history. The tourists can meet astronauts and see space shuttles and rockets.

The themed Kennedy space center features fascinating displays and interactive exhibits focusing on the age.  The Behind the Gates Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour takes you on a journey to restricted areas to look at historic launch sites and other facilities with limited access to the public.

Universal studios

places to visit in florida

Universal studio in Orlando is also a top-notch tourist attraction that gets flocks of people. This is a perfect place for movie lovers to get a bit of adventure. Further, the amusement park houses fantastic rides and recreated sets based on popular movies and tv shows. If you are parents to teenagers and children, this is an ideal place for you to visit.

The park houses unbelievable 3D – and 4D- Simulator rides that include wet and wild rides at the Universal’s Volcano Bay. The park highlights the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, while you can board the Hogwarts Express and wander through Hogsmeade village.

Miami Beach and art historic district

places to visit in florida

When you hear Miami, the first thing that comes to your mind is the golden stretch of sands that aligns the Atlantic. But there is much more to explore in Miami than the beach. The uniqueness of Miami tags along with the Art historic district. It houses beautifully restored buildings dating back to 1930 and 1940.  Although today, many buildings are luxury hotels and restaurants, there are still outstanding Art Deco buildings, including Hotel breakwater South beach.

Daytona 500 international speedway

places to visit in florida

For racing lovers, this place is not unfamiliar. The Daytona 500 race is an immensely famous and notable NASCAR cup series held in Daytona International Speedway.  The speedway attracts thousands of people every year.  Because Earlier the races were held on the beach, the Daytona International Speedway was built. The speedway is the place that houses iconic performance, spectacular finishes, as well as memories that await thousands of people.

Sea World Orlando

places to visit in florida

Holding a key position among Florida vacations, SeaWorld Orlando is a mega amusement park.  The park hosts classic dolphin and Whale shows and top-class shows featuring cats, ducks, otters, and sea lions. The park offers exciting rides like the Mako roller coaster, which speeds up to 73 miles per hour. Also, the roller coasters, especially the Atlantis water-coaster,  provides a thrilling experience. The Antarctica: Empire of the penguin display and the other aquarium exhibits offer people invaluable opportunities to see the marine life.

Busch Garden Tampa

places to visit in florida

Busch Garden Tampa– the African theme park is one of the popular attractions in Florida. The 335-acre animal theme park gets an annual attendance of 4.1 million people. Since the park is the largest zoo in North America it houses many exotic animals.

Further safari-style tours in open-air vehicles allow you to see various animals, including lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, and much more. Busch Garden also hosts live animal shows that feature an unusual combination of characters. The park houses some magnificent roller coasters and thrill rides, including SheiKra-the first dive coaster in North America and the longest and fastest in the world at the time of opening.

Dry Tortugas National Park

places to visit in florida

Dry Tortugas National Park that stretches along 68 miles is in Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. The site preserves the seven Dry Tortugas islands and Fort Jefferson, built by the US Government in the 1800s. Moreover, the park is notable for its colorful coral reefs, marine life, bird breeding grounds and shipwrecks, and sunken treasure. The park is not accessible by car but by boat. Dry Tortugas National Park also offers some of the best snorkeling and skin-diving experiences that attract flocks of people. The tourists can camp on the site and have a desert experience.

The Ringling

Built-in the mid-1920s, the Venetian-inspired property houses The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the Circus Museum, the Ca’d’Zan, and gardens. Further, the centerpiece- art museum, sits on a wondrous pink palace projecting the extensive art collection.

The art collection includes some masterpieces by Velazquez, El Greco, Van Dyke, Veronese, and Rubens. In 1940, The circus museum opened to celebrate the history of the circus performances. The museum exhibits specifically, the costumes, props, posters, and other memorabilia of Ringling Bros. The Ca’d’Zan was the residence of John and Mable Ringling. Inspired by the styles of Venice, their mansion has a Venetian touch. This property is undoubtedly an architectural masterpiece in Florida and a must-see tourist destination.

Beaches of Naples

With warm, calm, and shallow waters, the beaches in Naples are truly breath-taking. The tourists flock to the historic Naples Pier, where they can find volleyball courts and ideal places for sunseekers.

The sugar-soft white sand on the beach, lapped by the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico, makes the beaches not only picturesque but also a perfect swimming spot. The best time to visit Naples is between March and May where the temperature is ideal for outdoor activities. Additionally, in the delightful city of Naples, the tourists will be able to find some high-end dining experiences.

Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park is the largest tropical wilderness in America and also a top-notch tourist attraction. The park preserves the fragile ecosystem that supports alligators, Florida panthers, American Crocodiles, deer, turtles, egrets, river otters, and many other species.

Additionally n average of one million people visits Everglades every year. Everglades is a wide shallow river. that flows from Lake Okeechobee to the Bay of Florida. The park houses four visitor centers including Shark Valley Visitor Center. Several walking trails and camping facilities are available in the Everglades National park. Some parts of the park are perfect for dark sky observations. The best viewing locations include Flamingo and the Ten Thousand Islands. Airboats are the perfect way to observe the wildlife and to catch a glimpse of the alligators in the park.

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