Best 15 places to visit in New Zealand 2022(With photos)

New Zealand is not a massive country. Yes, it is very long, but it is very narrow, like the distance between the widest points is 280 miles. But it doesn’t say that there is nothing to see in New Zealand. If you are a traveler, you must visit New Zealand once in your life. There are hundreds of amazing things in New Zealand to see and enjoy. So, these are the best place to visit in New Zealand.

Either you can spend your vacation hiking and skiing or just relax on beautiful tropical beaches, sipping the best wine. So, here is the list that includes the best parts of the country to visit on your trip to New Zealand. 

places to visit in New Zealand
places to visit in New Zealand

Places to visit in new zealand

· New Plymouth

· Rotorua

· Waitangi

· Hokianga Harbor

· Coromandel Peninsula

· Tongariro National Park

· Hawkes Bay

· Wellington

· Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

· Queenstown

· Abel Tasman National Park

· Kaikoura

· Christchurch

· Waitomo Caves

· White island

01. New Plymouth 

New Plymouth 

New Plymouth is the most picturesque place in New Zealand. The main fact that makes New Plymouth this beautiful is that it is a port town. But not like other port towns New Plymouth is not only just sea and sault. Despite being a very populated and one of the top cities in New Zealand, New Plymouth is surrounded by many farmlands. So, New Plymouth is a very lively city with many people running here and there, yet not very polluted. 

Since the city is very populated, the society is a mix of verities of cultures. So, there are so many cultural events and concerts all around the calendar. Not only events but also many foods are there to taste. Like hundreds of verities of foods from different cultures. You can just buy a snack or two from a nearby food store and walk along the streets to the beach. The night is the best time to enjoy New Plymouth. The view of the horizon is spectacular. 

New Plymouth is a very popular destination for surf lovers. The city has many places to visit and things to enjoy. It has the famous Rewa Rewa Bridge which makes New Plymouth the most picturesque place in the country. And there are some cultural art galleries, some visit-worthy botanical gardens and many more. 

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02. Rotorua


The city can be named as the center of Māori culture. And Māori culture can be named as the heart of New Zealand. After the British colonization, New Zealand lost its identity bound with the Māori culture. But after they broke the treaty and decided to stay as a separate country in 1980, the culture rose again stronger and remains up to date. Many of the famous and important places in New Zealand have Māori names. Māori people are the natives of the country.

Despite that beautiful cultural experience, you can have another rare experience in Rotorua. It is mud pool bathing. Rotorua has so many bubbling mud pools. These mud pools are a result of geothermal activities in the area. Locals say the mud is very good for your skin. You can also hike, kayak or bike outdoors for hours. There are so many good spots for outdoor activities in Rotorua. And the city has very famous and finest grounds for those who love golf. After returning from New Zealand, there will be so much to say about Rotorua for your friends. 

03. Waitangi


Waitangi is a remarkable place in New Zealand’s history. This is where Māori chiefs signed the agreement of British rulers and lost their independence. The most important place related to Waitangi history is the indoor museum in the Waitangi Treaty Ground. The museum has so many features you can gain access to. And the treaty ground is fee-free for children and adults only have to pay $25 to enter. As the place is a coastal location a walk across this ground of history will be spectacular. 

The museum has both old-fashioned and modern exhibits and artifacts. Like, you can watch old Māorian culture’s crafts and modern audio-video presentations about the history of the country with better explanations. So, it is better to visit both museums. And not only that but also the studio in the modern museum provides you with many cultural performances of native people.

They act out their glorious culture before signing the treaty, and the downfall of it after British invaders and the renaissance of the culture after they broke the treaty. It will be a memorable experience. That’s why we added Waitangi to our list of the Best 15 cities to visit in New Zealand. 

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04. Hokianga Harbor

Hokianga Harbor

According to the natives, or the local Māori population, Hokianga harbor is known as Te Puna o Te Ao Marama. Which means ‘the place of Kupe’s great return’. That name is official there because the area populations’ majority is still the Māori people. The place is very famous for camping among travelers. Not only for just camping and relaxing but also for the adventurous activities around the harbor. There are various exciting outdoor activities that you can experience here. Like, hiking, horse riding, dune boarding, and some RV adventures! And if you get tired or boring doing all that, you can get a cruise and go to watch Dolphins. 

There are number of legendary stories about this Hokianga harbor and the area. Not only Māori ones but also some European ones. You can listen to one or two stories if you explore the nearby villages. They love to share their stories with foreigners. Things will be easier if you could hire a local travel guide. If you spent three full days there you can catch all the amazing things in the area. Hokianga is surrounded by a deep dark forest that hides the proud Māori culture for centuries. 

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05. Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula can be named as an all-in-one travel destination. You can experience hikes, art galleries, stunning town areas, and golden beaches. Another big reason for the popularity of Coromandel Peninsula is its hot water beach. And if you are on the beach during the low tide, you can create your own natural hot water pool! You can dig a hole in the beach and lie in there. We bet you it will be a lifetime experience. 

Formerly the area was a famous gold mining site. But late in the 1980s, they stopped the most of mining and they named the area as a conservation area. So, that throughout the past decade, Coromandel Peninsula has become one of the most famous tourist attractions in New Zealand. The main reason is the various scenic beaches and picturesque views. If you want to visit all those scenic places and experience the beauty in Coromandel Peninsula it will take you at least a week! 

06. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park can be named as the most valuable place in our list ‘Best 15 places to visit in New Zealand 2022’. It is because of its both cultural and natural value. It is not just rumors or we exaggerate, it is known and UNESCO has named Tongariro National Park as a world heritage site for both those categories.

You can hike the Tongariro mountain range to its peak and you may find the most beautiful panoramic view in New Zealand from the top. Not only hiking. If you love biking, there are biking trails from top to bottom. During the winter, you can ski down from the top. Tongariro is a very famous ski spot in New Zealand. And the most exciting fact about Tongariro National Park is that it has three volcanoes and all of them are active! 

You must climb up those mountains. That majestic view from up above is breathtaking. That’s what makes Tongariro National Park worldwide famous for centuries. 

07. Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay

Do you love wine? Who doesn’t! 

Hawke’s Bay can be named as the place which has all the tastes of wine in New Zealand. Hawke’s Bay is located in the city of Napier. So, Napier is our next suggestion in the list ‘Best 15 Places to visit in New Zealand 2022’. The Hawke’s Bay region has over 200 vineyards. 

Another thing that is significant about the area is its architecture. The whole city is designed with art deco architecture. It was not very old. They designed the city with this architecture after the massive earthquake that happened back in 1931. So, the city has a pretty impressive look. And this is a famous destination for bird-watching lovers. Gannet colony is very famous among both local and foreign bird watchers. It is best if you could spend 2 to 3 days around the area during your visit to catch up with everything. 

The food is very delicious at Hawke’s Bay. You can have both the best foods and wine in the country in one place. Apart from that, you get to see the best evening sky in New Zealand. 

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08. Wellington


This city must be you have heard of. Because Wellington is the capital of the country. So, our next suggestion to our list ‘Best 15 Places to visit in New Zealand 2022’ is Wellington. Not as other capitals in the world, Wellington can be specified as pretty small. The city is surrounded by green hills and compacted with red houses. So, it is very easy and beautiful to explore the city. And you can access almost every important place in the country in Wellington. 

If you are a ‘Lord of the Rings’ fan then you should not miss the tour to Wellington. they have their famous workshop ‘The Weta’. It is found by the director of the film. So, you can experience some of the best scenes from the movie with the real settings they used. The city has its magical features. Like a big city with a small village vibe. You would love the experience.

And they say the city has more restaurants and bars than any other capital in the world. so, it is visit-worthy.

09. Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

There is nothing compared to the beauty of a dark sky filled with stars. Do you like to spend a night under that kind of sky? Anyone would love to. Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve is the best we could suggest. The reason behind the fame for this place is the southern lights. There are thousands of visitors there who are obsessed with the beauty of the sky and the lights.

If you are lucky enough you may see some of them. Yet it is so mesmerizing only with the carpet of stars. For the best experience, they have strictly forbidden light pollution around the area. So, there is nothing to worry about. You can watch and enjoy this unique moment. If you can bring or hire or buy a telescope, then you will find thousands of wonderful star patterns in the sky. You will remain in awe. 

And not only that, but also you can experience the best hiking activities in the area. The country’s highest mountain is also located near the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve. So, make sure to add this place to your travel list ‘Best 15 Places to visit in New Zealand 2022’.

10. Queenstown


Despite all the beauties that New Zealand holds, Queenstown is nothing like them. Then why should you visit? Queenstown is the center of adventurous activities in New Zealand. You can find every sort of outdoor adventure in this city. So be quick and add Queenstown to your list, ‘Best 15 places to visit in New Zealand 2022’. This is a must-visit city. Especially if you love to double your adrenaline flow. It is best if you could visit Queenstown during June and August. So, you can experience the best of Queenstown.

Despite that, the town is famous as a historic mining area for centuries. You can always have a tour across those gold mining sites. As the city is surrounded by mountains, it will be amazing to take a tour around the city. And when you get bored with all those high adventurous activities, you can always turn them into some mellow-type activities. Like small hikes to the nearby mountains, or bicycle tours, or some sightseeing trips in the evenings. 

You can find something to do in Queenstown. They have a vast variety of adventurous activities to mellow ones, from bungy jumping to little night hangouts.

11. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park

The hiking experience of Abel Tasman National Park can be named as the hikers’ dream came true. If you love hiking, then this is our suggestion to your traveling bucket list ‘Best 15 placesto visit in New Zealand 2022’. The fact which makes this hiking experience unique is the formation of the park’s rocky mountains. It has a very unique rock formation that has been created throughout the years. And not only that but also the park has a vast range of bio-diversity. You can explore some rare species of birds in Abel Tasman National Park including blue penguins. You can reach Abel Tasman National Park either by road or air. Both ways took only 1 hour.

Another reason which makes Abel Tasman National Park famous is its long coastal track. You can drive along the road watching the beautiful sights. And you may find colonies of various sea creatures along the road. Including bottlenose dolphins. So, you can have both relaxation and adventures in one trip. As the Abel Tasman National Park is the smallest national park in the country, you don’t have much to explore. So, one day is enough for exploring the park and another day is enough for sightseeing and we assure you that you will not regret that time. You can always arrange your budget-friendly trip with traveling authorities as you wish.

12. Kaikoura


Are you a wildlife fanatic? Then Kaikoura is waiting to welcome you and embrace your love for wildlife. Kaikoura is a teeny tiny coastal village that is rich with both land and marine bio-diversities. And not only that but also Kaikoura is famous for its delicious food. Especially for their freshly served plates of seafood. It is not very common to find wildlife and tasty food in one place! Here you have it. And also you can enjoy the most spectacular landscapes in New Zealand while dining or enjoying the wildlife. So, that’s why thought to add Kaikoura as the next destination in our list ‘Best 15 placesto visit in New Zealand 2022’.

And if you like more thrilling activities rather than eating and walking you can always try Kaikoura’s coastal hikes. It will be a lifelong memory. When you get tired of bushes and rocks and forests you have an exciting option. You can arrange a tour to the middle of the sea and watch sperm whales! Such a perfect collaboration for a travel lover.

13. Christchurch


Our next stop in the list ‘Best 15 places to visit in New Zealand 2022’ is Christchurch. Many say that after those four huge earthquakes Christchurch faced, the city is ruined. But those are just rumors. The city stands strong and glorious more than ever. The city has reborn from the ashes very quickly and stunningly. And there is an area that remains with the old architecture of the city. They didn’t re-construct that area so visitors can see the old glory of the city. 

Christchurch can be named as one of the topmost tourist attractions in the country. The city is perfect for honeymooners. Especially for the ones who love botany. The city hosts many botanical gardens and those gardens are the home for some of the tallest, rarest, and largest plant species in New Zealand. And the city is beautified by the river Avon, which wanders throughout the city. And they have got the best use of that natural beauty by building cycling and footpaths on its banks. So, you can walk around the city with your loved ones on a fine evening, holding hands. It will be a sightseeing tour around an ancient historical site!

14. Waitomo Caves

Waitomo Caves

We grant you that you have never seen a place like this. Some may even haven’t heard of something like this. It is like visiting a magical world. Like an actual magical world. Like walking through a tunnel and suddenly you are in Camelot with merlin! 

Waitomo Caves or Waitomo Glowworm Caves is a must-visit place located in the Waitomo village on the north island. The cave is lightened with thousand of glowworms. It is like star crystals are pasted on the cave walls. And the natural limestone formations inside the caves add an extra charm to this marvelous making of nature. They provide you with boat rides along with the caves. And there are several packages that you can choose according to your budget. We promise you; you won’t be disappointed! Every second you spent in these Waitomo Caves will not be a waste. Visit the Waitomo Caves will be the most amazing moment in your life.

15. White Island

White Island

Can you believe an active volcano is listed as one of the most attractive traveling destinations in the world? 

White Island is the most exciting place in our list ‘Best 15 places to visit in New Zealand 2022′. This is not a place for light-hearted ones or for the ones who love mellow activities. 

You can either come by air or by bus. We recommend the naked buses so you can enjoy the surrounding. Though you cannot walk to the volcano since it is too dangerous, they provide you with helicopter rides. As the volcano is still very active you have to wear gas masks. And for the bravest ones, they provide scuba dives. So, you can dive deep into the water and explore the formations created by previous explosions. 

So, those are our best suggestions to the list ‘Best 15 places to visit in New Zealand 2022’. Hurry and book your tickets!

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