What are places to visit in Norway 2022-with photos

If you love nature and the cultural value of countries at the same time, you don’t have many choices. But Norway can be taken as one of those countries which have a good range of cultural and natural beauty. You can spend some of the best weeks of your life in between this amazing mix of culture and nature in this lovely country. There is an eternity of choices for travellers that can choose in this country. So, add these best places to visit in Norway to your bucket list.

places to visit in Norway
places to visit in Norway

Among the Scandinavian countries, Norway can be taken as the country which holds the best of natural beauties. The country is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, frigid glaciers, and deep and warm beach bays. And on the other hand, you can see the most elegant city, the capital Oslo, which is full of museums and green spaces. You can watch some well-preserved 9th century Viking ships in one of these museums. There are a number of places to visit in Norway.

So, let’s see what are the best places in Norway you can visit during your visit.

  • Helgeland
  • Stavanger
  • Oslo 
  • Tromso
  • Frederiksted
  • Lofoten Islands
  • Røros
  • Alesund
  • Bergen
  • Trondheim
  • Alta
  • Jotunheimen National Park
  • Bodø
  • Svalbard
  • The Western Fjords

01. Helgeland


You will never search for options whenever you visit Helgeland. Helgeland is located in the very south corner of the country. This area is full of amazing scenes and activities, and events. Once you visit here, you may spend your whole vacation there without travelling any further!

Helgeland is the most picturesque area in the country. It has hundreds of white sand beaches. And there are hundreds of bird species living here. If you love bird watching, this is the best place. Despite its natural beauty, Helgeland is famous for its wide range of outdoor activities for travellers. 

You can explore the whole ‘seven sisters‘ mountain range. That would be a great hike. And you can visit the rock formation ‘Torghatten’. It is famous for its whole through the middle. You can explore throughout Helgeland by bike. Or, you can use their famous kayak service! 

And if you visit there in summer, you can see the never-setting sun!

Here are some fantastic places to visit in Norway, exactly in Helgeland.

  • The Vega islands
  • Torgatten mountain walk
  • Helgeland steps
  • Svartisen glacier

02. Stavanger


Not like other regions in the country, Stavanger is known for a warmer climate. And while other part having which beaches, here you can find very sandy beaches. The best beach we suggest is Sola beach. Stavanger is the best place to surf in summer. This will be the best summer stop you will have. 

The city’s harbor is very famous for traveling and cruise shops. You can have a magnificent night experience at the harbor. And you can walk along those fine peddled streets to the various museums which have hundreds of amazing Norwegian art crafts.

Further the famous medieval church, the Stavanger Cathedral also located here in Stavanger. And you can have the feeling of time travelling when you visit the Gamel Stavanger district. You may feel like you were living somewhere in the 18th century. You can wander without worries because of the compact city centre. And you may find some exclusive restaurants with mouth-watering foods.

Here is a list of some top attractions in the Stavanger region.

  • Old Stavanger
  • Kongeparken Day-pass 
  • Magma UNESCO Global Geopark
  • Swords in rock

03. Oslo


This is the first city in Norway. It can be taken as the city that developing fastest in Europe. But don’t worry! Oslo has the most modest and relaxed atmosphere among many other fast-developing cities. So, you can get both that London world-class feeling and that small village feeling at the same time. Almost half of Oslo is covered with green forests and mountains. So, the city is super verdant. It is the best suit for biking across the city and hiking mountains. Since the city is surrounded by mountains and forests, it is pollution-free.

Since the city is the capital, you may meet the royal family too! Not only that but also the city has the most important places in the country, like all the major theatres, museums, and so many culturally valuable places. And when you are wandering through the streets, you will be amazed by the amazing architectural techniques they have used in the city. And you don’t want to worry about transportation facilities at all. 

Another great fact about here is, it is known as the city which has the best music sense and concerts among the whole Scandinavian countries!

Places to visit in Oslo:

  • The Vigeland museum
  • Astrup Fearnley museet
  • Oslo city hall
  • Vigeland sculpture Park

04. Tromso


The city Tromso can be taken as the largest and most astonishing city in Norway. The city is full of beautiful forests. Here, you don’t have to just watch them while passing by. They have a famous cable car service for travellers. So, you can get that lifelong experience at the top of the mountain, Storsteinen.

And if you are seeking the best place to watch the northern lights, Tromso is the best place in Norway. You should visit the city during the winter. The best period to watch northern lights is from September to march. You will be amazed. And you can visit various cultural and historical places in this beautiful city. There are some surprising museums and aquariums that you must visit during the journey to Tromso. And if you come to Tromso between May to July, you can spend 24hours at the outdoors due to the midnight sun.

Tromso is the best place for Hiking, fishing, whale safaris, and kayaking. So, if you are an outdoor person, Tromso is the best match. The city has a reputation as the most systematically working tourist attraction point. So, your time will not be a waste or a disappointment. 

Places to visit in Tromso:

  • The Arctic Cathedral
  • Polaria – the aquarium
  • Northern Norway art museum
  • Silent whale watching

05. Fredrikstad


This is one of the cities which have the least population in Norway. This can be named as the most old-fashioned city in Norway too. It is maybe because of the historical roots of the city, which dated to the 16th century. And another significant fact is about this city is, it is much warmer than many other parts of Norway. 

The city has the best Scandinavian fortress. The city is pretty much a scene in a historical novel! The most charming part is the old town. You would love the experience for a lifetime if you once had it. And if you want to find the most-sunny region in the country, the Hvaler islands are the best suit, which is located in the city. 

If you are more into history and ancient artefacts, you have to visit the Fredrikstad Museum. This can be known as the summer paradise in Norway. It is the best place to light up your lazy summer days by doing fishing and diving.

Places to visit:

  • The Old Town
  • Ancient monuments
  • Stone arts at Hvaler.

06. Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands

If you are obsessed with the beauty of nature, Lofoten islands will make you speechless. The beauty of these islands is unspeakable. And the ones who have visited these islands claim that the beauty is not underrated! These magnificent islands have the most untouched hidden beauties in Norway. You can find deep and warm bays, mountain ranges, and de-stressing beaches. You can feel a mild temperature here because of the Gulf streams.

The best of nature’s amazing experiences in the world can be taken inside these islands. You can fish, kayak, scuba dive, ski, and many more on these islands. And if you love to explore some ancient Viking remains, don’t forget to search. You may find some!

And Lofoten has a reputation for the best tourist services. You don’t want to worry. This place will not let you down.

The region is full of small fishing villages. You can stay in their village huts, experiencing their foods and customs. The night will be memorable until your last breath.

Places to visit in Lofoten:

  • Caviar factory
  • The Lofoten museum
  • Gallery Espolin
  • Sund fishery museum 

07. Roros


You will not regret a visit to Roros because there are hundreds of new experiences you can take. And you will need at least 2 weeks to experience all of them to their fullest. Roros is a mining town that was established in the 15th century. The whole town was made with wood. Every building was wooden in that era, and now, thanks to the fast spread of modernization. The city turned into one of the modest cities in Norway. But they have managed to keep that ancient historical notion that belongs to them up to date. Therefore, UNESCO has named the city as a World Heritage City.

They have successfully kept the ancient vibe through all the modifications. So, you can have the feeling of visiting a living museum!

You can walk through the streets full of local arts and crafts and foods that you have never heard of and seen. The city can be named as the most independent city in Norway. And not only that, but also it is another most successful sustainable tourist destination in Norway. There are no tourist footprints in Roros. They have managed to protect their historic notions under every circumstance. 

So, Roros will always be a new and fresh experience for its visitors. Summer is the best time to visit Roros. 

Things you can do in Roros:

  • Local food safari
  • Roros Museum – Olav’s mine
  • Dogsledding
  • Jutulhogget canyon 

08. Alesund


This is considered a nomadic fairy tale because of its special and unique town architecture. The whole city was rebuilt with the influence of Jugendstil’s art style after the 1904 fire burnt down the city. So, from the first step, you will get that strange fairy feeling. 

That is a big reason for Alesund became the most visited city in Norway! And there are many more things that contribute to this fact. The surrounding view is scenic. You can see snow-capped mountains and the nearby islands in the islet with a great panoramic view if you climb a hill about 400ft high. There is a bird sanctuary island too. The Hike is worth the view. The city looks like a modernized fairytale. 

If you love to ski, you should visit there between February and June. And it is the best period for fishing also. And you should visit the king of all the fjords in Norway, Geirangerfjord. It has its unique ‘S’ shape landscape. If you explore the fjord, you can find some mysterious and absolutely beautiful waterfalls and long-ago abundant farm fields. Who does not love a bit of spooky experience in a land of fairytales?

Things to do: 

  • Wildlife sea safari
  • Visit Aksla viewpoint
  • Hakallegarden

09. Trondheim


This is the most vivid region in the whole of Norway. It has many faces that include its uniqueness. The city is famous for many things at the same rate, as for its culture, technology, food, and cycling fashion.

The city never feels dull. It has 24×7 festivals all around the year. You just have to enjoy it as this took major places, among fantastic places to visit in Norway. . And if you once visit there, you will plan a second visit as this is one of the marvelous places to visit in Norway. The nickname ‘intimate big city’ gives a complete definition for the state of the city.

But it is astonishing how they have managed to keep that ‘old Viking town’ vibe all over the city. Yes, the city is fully modernized, yet we can sense that 12th century’s Viking vibe!

The famous Nidaros Cathedral still reminds the visitors of that 1000-year-old pilgrimage vibe. And that makes the place the most attractive pilgrimage site in Europe. There is a museum for popular music! It is a kind of museum.

You will love a night walk through these mysterious streets. And they are world-famous for their unique country-made taste.

Places to visit in Trondheim:

  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • The old-town bridge
  • Kristiansten fortress
  • Falk museum

10. Alta


This can be named as the perfect place for watching the northern lights. Here you can hunt so many northern lights without any difficulty. This is also known as the city of northern lights. The observatories have been here since the 19th century. 

And another mesmerizing experience you can get is the visit to igloo hotels. The whole hotel is made of ice! You may not believe your eyes once you see them for the first time. You definitely should visit them at least once in your lifetime. 

11. Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park

If someone seeking on best places to visit in Noway, this is a perfect destination. This amazing National Park covers the best mountain ranges in Norway. The Park is located closer to the southern pole of the country. This Park can be known as the best in Norway because it has all of the amazing experiences you can have in Norway except fjords. And it has some stunning clear water lakes in the deep woods and valleys with 3600 views. 

This National Park has some attractive budget-friendly packages for its visitors. And another thing you should experience in the Park is their unique food customs. Almost 90% of their menus are produced within the city. 

Things to do in the:

  • Glacier hike
  • Sjoa Rafting
  • Visit ice tunnels

12. Bodo 


This is known as the true starting point of northern Norway. Since this is one of the beat places to visit in Norway, the city has known as the most modernized city in Norway. It has all the things you love to shop for: excellent clothes, mouth-watering foods, an entertaining space, and everything. The best month for travel is August if you like to enjoy their city life. That’s the month they have their best musical concerts. They predict that Bodo will become the capital of culture in Europe in 2024! So, don’t miss the experience. However, the city is not a much special place to explore. 

This is famous for its various outdoor activities and adventures. You can have an adventurous boat safari in the islet. There are really strong tidal currents in the area. And also, sea journeys are not for the faint-hearted. 

And after a tiring boat journey, you can relax in the night with a bottle of wine. This is another famous point in Norway for northern light hunters. Thanks to the location, you can explore both beauty of Norway’s city life and the mysteriousness of the untouched forest ranges. 

Things to do:

  • Sea eagle safari
  • Northern light hunt
  • Safari in Saltstraumen
  • Helicopter sightseeing
  • Visit aviation museum
  • Guided e-bike tour 

13. Svalbard


This is a group of islands and famous as the home for polar bears in Scandinavian. This can be taken as the only permanently populated place in the area of the Arctic ocean in between the North pole and Norway. The meaning of Svalbard is ‘cold coast’, and we can think of the reason.

The environment is fascinating to experience. A part is covered with a complete wildness while the other part is as usual as any other human inhabitant. Everyone should get this feeling once in their lifetimes. 

It is crazy to think about how a small traditional old-fashioned village turned into a modern stunning carnival city with all the festivals and exhibitions. But still, you can have that half to half feeling of wilderness in the atmosphere. 

You can always explore for a new adventure among these stony mountains, unexplored glaciers, and polar bears! And, this is one of the best places to visit in Norway.

Things to do:

  • Arctic fox wildlife photo tour
  • Fossil hunting
  • Hike to the highest viewpoint
  • Famous ice cave visit

14. The Western Fjords

The Western Fjords

It is a famous fact that Norway has filled with amazing sea bays. And all of them indeed deserve a visit. But the most famous bays or the fjords in Norway are the western fjords. Both old and new glaciers can be found in this region. And there are hundreds of drained valleys under the deep seas. This is one of the best places to visit in Norway.

These western fjords bring a huge range of attractions to Norway’s tourism industry from all over the world. You won’t regret this trip to the western fjords. We grant you. There are so many spectacular views in the region. You will be in awe of the sublime coast in the area. And you may forget that you came to visit fjords! 

Travel means is a ferry, and it will not be a problem at all. You will be speechless with the scenic view of the forests and glaciers. This fjordic landscape has been created through the sequence of the ice age. Some of these fjords are named as world heritage by UNESCO. 

Anyhow you will soon find out that there are more things than fjords in this journey. There are so many lonely islands with coastal communities on them! 

Things to do in western fjords:

  • Loen skylift
  • Geirange skywalk
  • Visit art museums and composer homes
  • Hiking to the Preikestolen mountain
  • Hiking to the mount Saksa 

15. Bergen


This is another topmost tourist destination in Norway. It is because of the city’s famous old seafront. It is still acting as a major seaport of the country since the 15th century.

You should visit here as the last place on your vacation because It has not much to explore. You can just chill and relax among small friendly villages. And there is a famouse yummy food culture. 

As the last stop, you can enjoy nice Norwegian meals and rest in the calm and quiet atmosphere among the locals. And you can watch the beautiful and gigantic seven mountains which surround the city and give it a scenic view. Indeed, you don’t have much to do. But you have to experience that calm Norwegian village vibe as the last memory in your visit to Norway! You will love it. If not, this will never become the topmost tourist attraction in Norway. As there are number of wonderful places to visit in Norway, you should visit there in 2022.

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