Best 15 Places to visit in Slovenia 2022-Before you die

Slovenia is one of the few European countries which has mesmerizing natural beauty. Especially mountains. Because of these high mountains, Slovenia is the topmost travelling destination for people who love hiking and skiing. Not only that, the country has so many ancient medieval castles which can carry you to a different world. Most scenic destinations in the series were taken from Slovenia. So, these are the best places to visit in Slovenia.

Places to visit in Slovenia

So, here is our list of suggestions.

  • Triglav National Park
  • Vintgar Gorge
  • Maribor
  • Lake Bled
  • Postojna Cave
  • Bled Castle
  • Vogel
  • Lake Bohinj
  • Predjama Castle
  • Preseren Square
  • Soca river
  • Ljubljana
  • Laško
  • Rogatec Open-Air Museum
  • Logarska Dolina

01. Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park

This Park is the best place for some adventurous activities in Slovenia. This is the best place if you love outdoor activities. You may find the best hike experiences in Slovenia here. Not as other destinations which have mountains and natural beauties, is so much easy to reach. Location is only about hour away from the capitals. You can come directly to the park from the capitals.

In summer the park gets somewhat busy from both the tourists and locals. There are so many hidden and almost untouched areas in the park. Many of the following list of the best Places to visit in Slovenia is very close to the mountain range. That you can watch them from the top of the mountain to get an idea about your journey. And there is a hidden church amid the forest. So don’t let the crowd discourage you.

The park is not very modern. They did not think to modernize it to protect its natural and cultural notions. So, visitors can enjoy real Slovenia. Triglav National Park can be taken as one of the oldest places in the country. So, you can have another level of outdoor feeling here.

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02. Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge

This is our next suggestion on the list of the best Places to visit in Slovenia. This is located in the Triglav National Park. This can be known as the most fairy-like place in Slovenia. If you have a plan to visit lake Bled, then you can visit the Vintgar gorge from there as a one-day trip. So, 2 in 1!

You will be astonished by the beauty in the gorge. you can walk across the gorge on the wooden footpaths. Those footpaths have added a vintage vibe to the gorge. a walk through a different era with some strangers from all over the world. It has been there for centuries and the beauty of the place has been amazed both the locals and foreigners for all those centuries. At the end of the gorge, you can find a waterfall which consider as the tallest in the country. 

Transportation will not be a problem. If you prefer a car, you can arrive there by car. Or you can use the public bus. There are several bus trips in the area during the summer season. To avoid the crowd, it is better if you can travel there early in the morning. So, you will not get into trouble to find a parking spot in lots. You can’t visit the Vintgar gorge during winter. It is closed to the public during the season.

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03. Maribor


If you love to taste some good old wine, then Maribor is the best we could suggest. Maribor is our third suggestion on the list. There are so many wine industrial spots throughout the city. You can choose whatever brand you want and try some sips.

And there are two squares in the city which have an amazing variety of medieval eras architecture. So, the little walk among the ancient architecture with the taste of Maribor wine will give you a whole new experience. Maribor was a castle early in the 10th century. And it is not all ancient-looking. The city is stylish with its old notions. They have managed to keep their ancient identity on the road to modern stylishness over the past millennium.

June is the most suitable month of the year to visit the city. In June the city hosts a two-week festival. It is called as Lent Festival. There are hundreds of cultural events during the period. Musicals, theatrical events, operas, ballet performances, and many more things. Not only Mariborian performers but also talented performers all around the world.

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04. Lake Bled

Lake Bled

If you love fishing in a calm and green area, Lake Bled is the best place in Slovenia. And that’s what makes lake Bled one of the topmost tourist attractions in Slovenia. While hanging out with people around the world who love fishing, you can enjoy the breathtaking view. The lake is surrounded by green mountains. And the lake is very easy to reach either from the airport or from the capitals.

Lake Bled is very popular among honeymooners, especially for the ones who love to travel. What can compare to the joy of spending a few days under the shades of Julian Alps, surrounded by green mountains and green-blue water all over the front! And not only the views, but there are also so many activities you can do around the area. You can hike, bike or spend your time doing some water sports.

Many say the place is so crowded. Yet they continue to come there. What is that mean? That means the place is so special! And lake Bled is located very near to Triglav National Park too. the place is nearly magical. It is stylish yet so vintage. 

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05. Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave

Do you believe if someone says that there is a double railway track in a natural cave? You have to! Postojna Cave is the world’s only natural cave that has that feature. That is what makes us add this Postojna Cave to our list of the best Places to visit in Slovenia. The cave was made by a river over years of flowing. And that has made Postojna Cave, one of the topmost tourist attractions in the world.

This is not just a cave carved by a river. Inside the cave, there are so many rock formations with many shapes. The most famous ones are draperies. They look like huge folded curtains in a long ancient stone hall. The cave is about 25km long. 

And the cave has its aquarium. And in that aquarium, you can find the baby dragons! They are a species of olm that can be only found in this Postojna Cave, and look like little dragons. They have been living in that cave for millenniums. There are some stories among folks that there was an actual dragon in that cave long ago. If you get a chance to speak with a local, don’t forget to ask about the stories.

Another fun fact about the Postojna Cave is that it has the world’s only underground post office. So many wonders in one place!

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06. Bled Castle 

Bled Castle 

This is a true example of what was medieval era looked like. This is the most ancient castle in Slovenia. It locates very near to the lake Bled and currently, the castle acts as a museum of the lake’s history. 

Thi place is more of a fortress than a fancy little castle. We can imagine how was it in the medieval era. Protecting lords and ladies, facing sieges, and standing strong to the date. In the museum, there are so many armors and jewelry. They have been found from the burial pits near the castle. So, we can say that there was some sort of war action has happened there. And there is a teeny tiny gothic fashioned chantry inside the castle. 

Many of the original features of the castle from 1001 have been severely destroyed by an earthquake in 1511. So, the image we have today was built after the earthquake. The ditch of the castle was filled up during the reconstructions. The modest designs have been added to the castle around the 1950s. In the courtyard, we can see a 12m deep well. It is carved in a rock.

Visiting the museum would give you a tour through the illustration of the castle’s history. We can see many artifacts that display the various eras, families, and cultures that the castle has passed over the years. 

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07. Vogel


This is a mountain located in the Triglav National Park. The mountain is famous for two things. One is its ski area and the other is its cable car service. It is one of the most mesmerizing cable car trips in the world. You will be speechless when you look down from the cable car. The whole view is covered with snow which makes you feel like you are high in the sky. The cable car travels between Vogel and Bohinj which covers the most beautiful parts of the country.

And Vogel has Slovenia’s best ski resort. It attracts half of the tourists which came to Slovenia. It is not mandatory to be a ski expert to visit and enjoy. They provide you with many suitable packages from individual to family size and from expert to beginner-friendly. Even though every one of Slovenia’s mountain peaks covers with snow, Vogel is the first mountain peak that receives a good amount of snow. So, the skiing period in Vogel lasts long to April without artificial snowmaking. You have enough time to enjoy yourself.

Two of the best experiences for travel lovers in one place.

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08. Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj

This is one of the most beautiful places on our list, the best places to visit in Slovenia. It has the great beauty of nature. It is fair to say that the clearest water in Slovenia is in this lake Bohinj. The lake covers near 320 hectares in the valley of Bohinj. And this is also a part of Triglav National Park.

There are so many activities that you can do relating the lake Bohinj. Like fishing, swimming, and many other water sports. Or, you can just lay by your side and watch the beauty of the surrounding. Since the water is clear, you can sit and watch the fish. There are several species of fish in this lake that you may have not seen as they are very rare. Lake Bohinj has a very quiet and nerve soothing background that you can find peace.

Many say the lake Bled is the most beautiful lake they have ever seen until they visit here. The water of the lake Bohinj is so clear and bluish-green. Not as in other places, the lake Bohinj premises are assured to keep you safe. It has a good reputation for the safety of travelers. And for whatever reason, it is not very crowded. Maybe because the premises is very large. So, you can spend some calm and quiet hours at the lake banks.

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09. Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Then you will love the place. The Predjama Castle is one of the best locations in the series. The castle has been taken as the king’s landing castle. And the castle itself has quite the same story as in the TV series. There is a tale about a romantic usurping knight who takes over the castle for a princess who lived there. And there are some stories about a ghost from thousand years ago! You may find so many mysterious yet amazing facts about the castle once you visited there. 

The castle is from the Renaissance era. The fact which made the Predjama Castle world famous is its entrance. You have to enter the castle through a cave on the shore. The castle is built in a carved rock. What a safe place for kings and queens to stay! And there are hundreds of hidden tunnels that are connected to the mane cave tunnel which can lead you to the different areas of the kingdom back in 800 years ago. 

The Predjama Castle is fascinated by travelers from all over the world. They say that even though they can’t see the old glory here with eyes, they can feel it. Like if we close our eyes for a minute thinking about the kings’ and queens’ era, we can imagine the castle in its all glory.

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10. Preseren Square

Preseren Square

This considers as the main square in the country. This means it is located in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. So, our next suggestion on the list, the best city to visit in Slovenia is Preseren Square in Ljubljana.

If you love some calm city life then this is the best place. Even though it locates in the middle of the city, it remains calm. So, you can hang out in Preseren Square’s calm environment. It is the best place in the city. As the many places in Slovenia have medieval notions, this place is not. It has been fully renovated nearly in 2007. So, you can have the home feeling in the middle of an ancient city. 

Preseren Square is a very important place in the country. It has been the hosting ground for many important events of the country from history. Either political, religious, or cultural. So, Preseren Square can be named the heart of Slovenia. 

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11. Soča River

Soča River

No matter how beautiful your home country is, we bet that you have not seen a river this beautiful! Once you visit there you will agree with us. The beauty of the river Soča is not exaggerated. The first reason for its fame is the water in the river. Every bit in the river is emerald green in color. No spoiled spots in the river.

From start to the end. Which makes the kayaking experience in the river, the worlds’ best! This river is almost 140km long. And if you love to walk in forests you can walk along the river banks. You may find this emerald beauty flowing through various waterfalls and cascades. That experience would be one of a kind.

The river Soča has played a great role during the world war and before that, protecting empires and kingdoms. It has been an important boundary for several centuries of years. The river Soča is the location of the tragic Battle of Caporetto back in the 1st world war. So, the river has been subjected to the main theme of both nature poems and war poems. 

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12. Ljubljana


Do you remember the fact we said about Preseren Square? That you will get the feeling of home in the middle of an ancient city? Here is that ancient city. Modern yet ancient. As the capital of the country, it has to be modern or stylish suiting modern purposes. But they have not deleted the entire medieval sense from the city. 

You may find many dragon statues when wandering around this graceful city. There are several legends about those dragon statues and the history of the city. They say that ancient rulers of the city had killed a dragon. Even though the stories are true or false you may find something in this city. The city is indeed full of sky-tall buildings, colorful and lighted streets, and every bit of modernization. But that gothic architectural design of the city is not faded. It is like you have time traveled or something mysterious has happened. Once you visit the city, you will embrace that unspeakable feeling.

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13. Laško


If you are an Asian or have visited Asia, hot water springs will not be a wonder. But if you haven’t then you must visit Laško in Slovenia. That’s why we added Laško to our list of best places to visit in Slovenia. Laško considers as the spa town of Slovenia. There are hundreds of natural hot water springs in the town.

You can lay and rest in one of these hot water tubs and relax for a minute. As the water is natural, like naturally boiled or warmed, they say that the water has healing powers. Locals believe that for centuries. So, there must be some kind of effect in that water. Who knows? Somehow, we can assure you that a nice warm bath in the Laško hot water tubs can refresh your busy and tired soul.

And another thing that Laško is famous for is its brewery. It is the largest in the country. So, sipping from your favorite brand in the brewery with a nice hot water bathe will be a lifelong experience. And there are hundreds of stories related to this healing water of Laško. You can spend the best time of your life listening to them. Locals will love to share those stories with you. 

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14. Rogatec Open-Air Museum

Rogatec Open-Air Museum

The feeling about museums is a bit spooky in general. But have you ever visited an open museum? Like a museum on open grounds, not walls or barriers? If not, you have to visit the Rogatec Open-Air Museum in Slovenia. They have built this open area museum to give travelers the taste of their local cultures and traditions. And they have transferred some buildings from the grounds where originally belonged so that visitors can watch them all in one place. What hard work.

You don’t have to just wander in the streets or huts. You can try their traditional industries with them. Like you can be a baker or a smith for a minute. And there is an ancient manor house in the museum too. it is from the medieval era. You can explore the inside of the manor to learn about the living styles of Slovenia back ago centuries.

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15. Logarska Dolina

Logarska Dolina

This is another valley that remained untouched for centuries. The time of Logarska Dolina on earth is dated back to the ice age. And now it is one of the most picturesque valleys in Slovenia. It is a camping area for the hikers who are willing to scale the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The bravest among hikers. The valley is pretty much covered with dense forest. So Logarska Dolina is not for light-hearted ones.

You can experience both outdoor adventures and relaxation which are far away from the busy city life. So, you are welcome to Logarska Dolina to spend some of your best days in life.

Slovenia is far more beautiful to list out. The above mentioned are the best we could choose to our list, the best places to visit in Slovenia. There are many more things rather than mentioned. So, we invite you to visit this beautiful country full of natural and cultural paradises to make some of your days unforgettable for the rest of your life. 

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