Best 5 Roller coasters in Spain -You Must Visit

Roller coasters in Spain:Spain is a southwestern European country. The capital and the largest city of the country is Madrid. They have their own origin and identity and the use Spanish as their official language. Also Spain is the largest country in Western Europe. It is very renowned for the beautiful sites in the country.

So that Spain is gaining a lot of tourists attraction and many people love to visit Spain even once in their life time. And add it to that natural beauty the amusement parks are also very popular in Spain. Because they have lots of activities and games that are totally different and unique from the others. And when it comes to amusement parks and having fun we cannot forget the roller coasters. Roller coasters in Spain is great experience you can get.

Many people love Roller coasters thus Spain has dedicated a generous amount of land for these roller coasters in Spain. The origin of the roller coasters in Spain runs back to 1827 in Pennsylvania however Spain is more popular for roller coasters.   Here are some of the famous roller coasters in Spain that you will love to take a ride.

Roller coasters in Spain

What are the famous roller coasters in Spain?

When it comes to roller coasters in Spain, there are huge number of roller coaster you can enjoy. following are some famous roller coasters in Spain.

1.Red Force roller coaster

Red Force roller coaster

Red force roller coaster has made of steel and It has situated in Ferrari Land, PortAventura World in Salou. It is known to be one of the most famous roller coasters not just in Spain but also all around the world. Intamin is the manufacturing company of this giant roller coaster. It can bear thousand two hundred rides per hour that means that this giant roller coaster is strong and very reliable. And it can ride with a speed of 120 km/h .

The rides of red force roller coaster are very thrilling and entertaining. What do you have to do is to get on to the train. Wait until it reaches the top hat which is the climax of the roller coaster. The trains consist with 3 cost each and in total 12 people can ride in one train. And you might be wondering about the length of the track Of course It is 880 meters in its length. So take a ride in red force roller coaster as this is one of the amazing roller coasters in Spain.

2.Shambhala roller coaster

Shambhala roller coaster at PortAventura Park in Salou,Vilaseca in  Spain. It is a steel hypercoaster that is known to be the fastest and tallest hypercoaster in Europe until 2018. The manufacturers of this Shambhala roller coaster is Bolliger & Mabillard  and it was open to the public from 12 May 2012 . Since then is epic roller coaster has enjoyed by adults as well as children with no respect to age.

The riding experience is quite unique and after the train starts to move you will have trailing experience along with excitement. The chain lift hill is the peak point of the roller coaster. The 1,564 metres track will make you more excited since the long track will give you more time to enjoy Shambhala roller coaster. Thus it is apparent that Shambhala roller coaster is a must that you must explore in Spain.

3.Dragon Khan

Dragon Khan is also a very popular roller coaster that is located in  PortAventura Park Salou and Vilaseca (Tarragona), Catalonia, Spain. This is also a steel sit down roller coaster that is having eight inversions. These eight inversions has been a world record as the roller coaster that is having the most number of inversions but it was until 2002 because Colossus roller coaster is  having 10 inversions. It opened to the public in May 2, 1995 and manufacturers of it, is Bolliger & Mabillard.

The 18 versions of Dragon Khan are Vertical loop,Dive loop,Zero-g roll,Cobra roll,Vertical loop and Interlocking corkscrews. A ride consists with 3 trains and each of them are having 7 cars. So, it gives the chance to 28 riders in one go. The Dragon Khan ride has created according to the Chinese mythology and this dragon Khan is an evil character of it. However this interesting Dragon Khan roller coaster will give you an unforgettable memory if you are visiting Spain.

4.Furius Baco PortAventura World

Furius Baco PortAventura World is also very renowned the people who love amusement parks both local and foreign. Furius Baco roller coaster is kind of a modern roller coaster . They are having a high speed  and it has hydraulically launched. It is located in the resort PortAventura World, Salou, Catalonia, Spain.

It opened to the public in June 5, 2007 and it is the fastest roller coaster in Europe. And the manufacturer of this roller coaster is Intamin . The roller coaster is 14 m in height and it is having one inversion. One ride of the Furius Baco consists with 3 trains and 6 cars and it gives the opportunity to have 24 riders at once. However it is very preferred by many people all around the world. So feel free to visit Furius Baco to get an awesome roller coaster experience in Spain.


Stampida is a very renowned roller coaster that is located in the PortAventura Park in the resort PortAventura World, Salou, Catalonia, Spain.It is a wooden roller coaster that is quite rickety with two tunnels and several drops. It was open to the public from March 17, 1997 and the manufacture of this Stampida coaster is Custom Coasters International. It has no inversions and it has built in a chain like a manner. Stampida is a dual track roller coaster which is known to be one of the two dual roller coasters. It has made by custom coasters International. Don’t forget to enjoy riding in Stampida roller coaster when you step onto Spain.

In conclusion it is clear that there are  several roller coasters in Spain that can give you a dreamlike ride in Spain and the above-mentioned ones are the most popular one among travellers. Red force roller coaster is known to be the biggest roller coaster in Spain also it boasts to be the fastest one too. So I think that these facts would be helpful for you to you have an amazing roller coaster ride in Spain.

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