5 Adorable Sedona Hot Springs- Fascinating Holiday Spots

The natural hot tubs of the earth are actually treasures on earth because they are not rife everywhere in the world and the cities and the countries that own hot springs are really lucky. A bath in a hot spring is actually very healing since the temperature is quite high and the warmth of the water has been able to fade away from your exhaust in a few minutes.

That’s why many people love to visit hot springs whenever they are planning a vacation. And Arizona is one of the places that is especially lucky when it comes to hot springs and Sedona hot springs of Arizona State is also having very few steps to the hot springs even though we are not able to find hot springs exactly in Sedona There are lots of hot springs near it. This has been a reason for the overwhelming tourist attraction Sedona has gained over the years.

The geothermal heat of the ground had given the temperature for these Sedona hot springs and they come out from the crust of earth. However, if you visit it you will be lucky enough to gain mental and physical satisfaction as hot springs water is almost acting like a panacea for you. So I’m going to bring forth About the hot springs that you will find around Sedona.

Sedona Hot Springs
Sedona Springs

1. Verde Valley

Verde Valley
Verde Valley

Verde Valley is known to be the best hot spring Near Sedona and you can reach them after a drive of one hour from Sedona. The temperature of the water is marked as 98 Fahrenheit so the ideal temperature of the hot springs will surely be a therapy for you. You can find it towards the western side of Verde River.

The main pool of the Verde Valley hot springs was built in 1962 and The base of resort has been in the place where this main pool was built. The water of these hot springs is rich in minerals and Boron, calcium, magnesium, iron, and lithium are the minerals present here. The walls of the hot springs are decorated with beautiful art and you will be feeling as if You are inside one of the most beautiful art galleries in Sedona.

Also, Verde Valley is quite popular for hiking and also for camping but you must be careful to take care of yourself as there are no hospitals around this area. However, there are some other pools In this place but they are not as deep as the main pools.

2. El Dorado Hot springs

El Dorado Hot springs
El Dorado Hot springs

El Dorado Hot spring is also a place where you are able to relax and have a hot bath in these Sedona springs. El Dorado Hot springs are natural hot springs where the water of the springs heat with the earth. And the temperature of these hot springs marks as hundred and seven degrees so that you can realize how warm and healing the water of the hot springs must be.  

Since there are a number of Sedona hot springs in this El Dorado Hot spring you can reserve them just for your family and in order to do that, you have to reserve them online. However, it is situated in one of the rustic areas in Sedona and the vegetation of this land has conquered most part of the area.

There are a variety of pools such as clawfoot bathtubs and roomy stone pools that you can choose according to your choice and also you can enjoy the public pools if you can’t afford the private ones. However, El Dorado Hot springs are one of the ideal hot springs in Sedona.

3. Eden hot spring

Eden hot spring
Eden hot spring

Eden hot spring is located 3 hours away from Phoenix airport and it is in the east of the Safford. Many people rent cars from the airport itself and lead to Eden hot springs as they want to say goodbye to the tiresome body and mind.

Eden hot springs are not just for bathing because it accompanies lots of other activities with them. After having a warm bath in the hot springs you can go to a spa to enhance the relaxation you gained through the bath. And also there are meditations yoga sessions where you can participate in order to get a free and relaxed mindset. And for those who love adventures, you can go on hiking near these Eden hot springs and the high vibe music is also It’s one of the highlights in this place.

So you might realize that Eden hot springs are packed with fun entertainment relaxation and tranquility thus it becomes one of the best hot springs.

4.Kaiser Hot Springs

Kaiser Hot Springs
Kaiser Hot Springs

Kaiser Hot Springs are hidden from the outer world but it becomes one of the treasures in Sedona as it is embedded with beauty and serenity. They are in the Kaiser Spring Canyon and the pools of the Kaiser Hot Springs are having bottoms with rocks.  The temperature of the water is nearly 100 Fahrenheit.

However, you must bring all your food and water to Kaiser Hot Springs as there are no places for you to by them around these hot springs. It is mostly visited by travelers in spring and winter as it is providing you the comfort you need in these months.  Moreover, It is essential to mention that these pools are not as deep as the other Sedona hot springs.

5. Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs
Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs are located near a beachside and you can find two cemented tubs that are filled with the hot spring water of the Hot Well Dunes. And it is known as one of the perfect getaways among Sedona hot springs where you can relax and at the same time go on sightseeing before having a nice bath in these hot springs. And it is also a well-known hot spring in Sedona.

Near most of the Sedona hot springs that I mentioned, there are spas and meditation centers where you can have a nice time being detached from all the burdens in the world. Even though there are no natural hot springs in Sedona all these above-mentioned hot springs are located near the city so that you won’t feel void even if there are no hot springs in Sedona. So I hope these facts would be helpful for you to get a therapeutic hot spring bath near Sedona.

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