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Things to do in Boston at night: Boston is a city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States which was founded in 1630. Also, This city had played a major role in the American Revolution and it is known for many special incidents that have been marked in American history such as the Boston Tea Party,  Battle of Bunker Hill and Boston Massacre.

But today Boston is a living cheerful and active city that is having a huge tourist attraction from all over the world and the nightlife of Boston is thousand times cheerful and lively than the daytime and that’s why the nightlife of Boston is very popular. There are plenty of things to do in Boston at night even at the night.

It is very exciting and Boston is having plenty of places where you can enjoy your nighttime in a very amusing manner. Actually, Boston is a city that is made for parties and the clubs especially are contributing to making the nightlife of Boston a success. Thus I thought of giving you some ideas on how to spend your nighttime in Boston by giving an idea about the things to do in Boston at night.

Things to do in Boston at night
Things to do in Boston at night

Things to do in Boston at night

Boston is a unique place where you can enjoy nighttime perfectly. You have many things to do in Boston at night. Let’s have a look, where you can visit and the things to do in Boston at night.

1. Explore Boston Common

Explore Boston Common

Whether it’s day or night Boston Common is a place that is visited by many. The people who visit Boston come to this place despite the time. The Boston Common was established in 1634 and it is stretched along 50 acres and that marks a huge land where you can walk and relax enjoying the site. And this Boston Common is having a diversity of plants that includes more than 80 species of flowers and plants and it is a known fact that these plants are planted twice a year. Walking is one of the famous things to do in Boston at night.

There are some bronze statues and beautiful architectural creations all over the Boston Common that makes this place more pleasant. And this has become one of the favourite spots of the nighttime explorers in Boston over the years.

2. Boston clam chowder

Boston clam chowder is an old union oyster house that is located at 41 Union street and this is of very famous nighttime activity in Boston. This Boston clam chowder is visited by some of the former Presidents in the United States and that is non-other than Barack Obama and John F Kennedy. Once this place has been the residence of king Louise Philippe of France in 1796. So this is having historical importance too.

The lobster stew that Boston clam chowder offers you is quite famous and not only that they offer you a variety of Boston Delicacies If you visit this place in the nighttime. After exploring the beauties of city you can go to Boston clam chowder and have a sumptuous meal to your heart’s extent.

3. Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail has also become a part and parcel of Boston nightlife. It is for four kilometre trail that is having historical significance in American History. It was established in 1951 and this trail is stretching from Boston Common in downtown Boston.

The places that you can witness throughout this Trail are a historic naval frigate, the Old South Meeting House, the Old State House, Paul Revere House and the Boston National Historical Park. And all together There are 16 historical sites along with this Freedom Trail and many people like to visit this

Freedom trail during the night is wonderful because the colourful lights make this surrounding more beautiful. All in all, you can understand that Freedom Trail is a very important part of Boston nightlife. Apart from walking, there are many more things to do in Boston at night along this trail.



Musicals are something that you essentially want when it comes to Boston nightlife. And you need not to worry about booking the tickets for musicals earlier because Boston offers you three or four musicals per night so that you have to choose whatever you like and have fun enjoying the musicals.

Emerson Colonial Theater Capitol Center for the Arts and Charles Playhouse Cutler Majestic Theater are two of the very famous theatres that are holding the most interesting musicals in Boston but Don’t worry If you don’t get a chance in one of them because all the other theatres offer you an enjoyable musical everywhere in Boston. Enjoying musicals also one of fantastic things to do in Boston at night. So don’t forget to attend a musical if you want to have an amazing night time at Boston.

5. Drinks in a bar

Drinks in a bar

Boston is having a large collection of modern bars that are having fantastic cocktails during the night time and especially they are very crowded due to the high quality and the amazing drinks they offer. You can go according to your wit and choose whatever you like and they have wine bars, beer bars, Irish pubs and dive bars. You need not to worry about the crowd that is flooding these bars as there are several places like this in Boston. And the bars in Boston city has inspired the TV  shows like “Cheers”.

6.Go on a cruise tour

Go on a cruise tour

One of the best ways to explore Boston City at night time is a cruise tour. The sparkling lights and the mesmerizing kinds of music make the Cruise tours more exciting. Even though the cruise tours are quite expensive many people love to explore the city through a Cruise tour. Also, these cruise lines offer you sumptuous and luxurious meals on your way to explore Boston. So, if you are searching for the things to do in Boston at night, cruise tour should be on your list.

Boston Harbor City Cruises, City Cruises Boston Rowes Wharf and  Massachusetts Bay Lines are some of the most famous cruise lines that you can find in Boston. Thus you can understand that you must sail on a cruise ship when you are in need to explore the nightlife of Boston.

And added to those things that are mentioned above you can go to a nightclub and even can go on to a Brewery Tour which is very popular in Boston. And riding horses in colourful nights would be a novel experience for you too. Thus pack your bags to spend some nights in Boston and experience almost everything mentioned here. You can experience a great vacation as there are numerous things to do in Boston at night. I hope that these facts would come in handy for you to arrange your night schedule in Boston.

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