Stunning Things to do in Rexburg idaho-2022(with photos)

Idaho has become world renowned for several reasons and Rexburg is a city in Madison country Idaho United States that has been one of the major reasons for the fame of Idaho. And it is considered as the largest city in medicine Madison country. In 1883 Thomas Edwin Ricks found this city and also. It is regarded as the home of international dancing festival in Idaho since 1986.

Even though this city was initiatively became famous for a macabre incident which was able to shock the whole USA that was known as the disappearance and deaths of Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow Now the situation is almost the vice-versa of it. Despite that sinister memory, this city has gained a huge attraction of the tourists with the graduate recognition of the city. This is now known as a place that you must visit when it comes to Idaho. What are the things to do in Rexburg Idaho? Thus I’m going to give you some main information on some places to visit and things to do in Rexburg Idaho. 

Things to do in rexburg idaho
Things to do in rexburg idaho

1.Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World is located near Yellowstone National Park and it is a privately owned land where you can experience and learn many things about wildlife. Yellowstone Bear World was initiated in 1988 and it includes 8 kinds of species that are indigenous to Yellowstone. You can drive through the reserve and enjoy wildlife around in a comfortable manner and on your way you will see the bears that are the highlights of the reserve such as grizzly bears, black bears etc. Also, you will love to bottle feed the little cubs and this is the only place in United States you can get that experience.

The petting zoo is also something very important here because you can see the farm animals and birds here. The amusement park has become the most eye catching place among the kids and they can have various games and right here Thus don’t forget to come with your family to Yellowstone bear world in Rexburg. If you are a animal lover there are many things to do in Rexburg Idaho Yellowstone Bear world.

2. Cress Creek Nature Trail

Cress Creek Nature Trail

Cress Creek Nature Trail is situated in the territory of the panoramic South Fork of the Snake River. Cress Creek Nature Trail is only stretching for about 1 mile and that length is more than enough to prove the awestrucking nature of these trails. This nature trail is abundant of green life and various kinds of animals too.

Due to that reason many people suggest this place as an ideal spot for family hiking and added to that many people love to watch sunrise and sunset near the Snake River. Further, the picnicking areas will offer you a chance to relax and take a look at surrounding freely. Because the little birds and the flowers around will give you a peaceful mind after burning your physical strength.

You can find some hot springs where you can have a meditation like a bath if you wish. I know you can realize that this nature trail you must visit in Rexburg. 

3. Legacy Flight Museum

Legacy Flight Museum

 John Bagley is considered as the founder of Legacy Flight Museum that was opened in 2006. And the purpose of opening this flight museum is that John Bagley wanted the public to see some of the most wonderful Aviation in the history of United States that was created by the most qualified engineers in aircraft engineering. And there’s a special space dedicated to military aircraft because they have created revolutions in the history of aircraft engineering. Exploring this museum is one of the things to do in Rexburg Idaho.

There are special celebrations on Labor Day and many people love to visit the legacy flight museum around that time because it is something that you must weakness with your own eyes. There are some highlights of the museum and they are Mormon Mustang, SNB-5 Beechcraft, Duplex-Cyclone Engine, Ole Yeller by name. Added to the above mentioned illustrations there are many other aircraft in this museum so don’t forget to step onto the legacy flight museum if you are travelling to Rexburg. 

4. Rexburg Idaho Temple

Rexburg Idaho Temple

Thomas S. Monson dedicated the Rexburg Idaho temple as the 125th Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2008 and the renovations started around and 2003. This is situated near Brigham Young University–Idaho. The architectural development of the church gave it a new formation and a fresh beginning. And that is why many people tend to receipt Rexburg Idaho temple.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the Rexburg Idaho Temple is quite unique because it welcomes many visitors and likes the other churches. And the travellers bring their kids with them because the kids will love to walk around the greeny atmosphere. This will maintain elegant church and its tranquil atmosphere is ideal for relaxing and finding some peace for yourself. So if you are visiting Rexburg don’t forget to mark Rexburg Idaho Temple So place that you must visit.

5. Rexburg Rapids

Rexburg Rapids

Since we found places to discover history, nature and architectural miracles of the city now it is the time for some fun and Rexburg Rapids is the perfect spot for having fun. Rexburg Rapids solely made for games and amusement. Because most of the games are based on water you can have plenty of fun with your family members and kids here. The pools and slides in this wonderful water park will surely make you go insane. Rexburg Rapids are one of the fun things to do in Rexburg.

Further, the sunshine with the outdoor pools will make your day a even more wonderful and the games they offer differ from one another as examples you can consider Splash Park, Water Slides, Rock wall, Pools, Lazy River and Concessions too. But this precious Rexburg rapid is open only during the summer so so I am quite sure that Rexburg rapids will make your summer holiday in Rexburg a memorable one.

So you can understand that Rexburg is an ideal place to spend a vacation because there are many things you can do and many places you can see that will leave you awestruck. Added to the places given in the above illustrations there are plenty of places you can visit as an example we can consider Porter Park, Beaver Dick Park, Menan Buttes etc. So that conclude on the facts of the things to do in Rexburg and hope they would help you to arrange a meaningful excursion to Rexburg. 

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