Things to do in Wells Maine-2022(With Photos)

Things to do in Wells Maine:United States is blessed with lots of beautiful cities and one such is Wells in York County , Maine. It has founded in 1643 and is considered the third largest city of Maine. At the outset it Wells developed as a farming community and later they started shipbuilding and fishing as occupations added to farming.

But today more than anything the tourism industry has become prominent. Because tourists flood to this city to enjoy the allure of Wells. Specially the beautiful shoreline of Wells is loved by many visitors. Many people have built the boutiques there to elevate their business. Thus I’m going to unveil some of the best ways to enjoy your tour to Wells, Maine.

Things to do in Wells Maine
Things to do in Wells Maine

1.Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach

Since I earlier mentioned about the shoreline of Walls it is better to commence with an illustration and I think Ogunquit Beach is the perfect place for it . This is one of the most beautiful beaches in USA and is very family friendly. The white sandy beach is perfect for the little ones to play and it has known as one of the best places to surf. And also there’s a section that specifically dedicates for dogs.

The middle part of the beach is known as Footbridge Beach and you can swim and get suntanned freely as you wish. Added to that the gift shops near the beach will offer you a variety of gift choices. And the restaurants near the beach are ideal to enjoy your nighttime. Because they offer you Wells’s delicacies and entertainment too. Thus you must visit Ogunquit Beach if you’re willing to visit Wells.

2. Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Wells is a Paradise for nature lovers and Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is one such place that strongly connects to nature. This has mainly established for the sake of protecting the migratory bird and native ones as well. This stretches along 50 miles and situates in the coastline of York county.

You can see the beauty of wildlife and go on hiking or biking in the provided trails. It has three perfect trails that are ideal for hiking,bikig and running. Most of the time many people bring their families to here so that they can enjoy hiking together. Thus you can get exhausted with the physical activities and the surrounding will definitely heal you. So don’t forget to visit Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in Wells .

3. Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Wells Reserve at Laudholm

If you love watching the sunrise this place would be ideal for that because the open and free area that stretches over 2250 acres gives you a clear view of the sky . This place is very popular as it serves to enhance the knowledge on coasts and estuaries among public. Therefore it considers as a National Estuarine Research Reserve too. They mainly contribute to protecting the ecosystem around the coastal area.

The building they use as their research center are The historic buildings of Laudholm Farm. There are several exhibits in the main farm house that are open to public. And the horse barn has kept for educational purposes such as conducting special events and workshops. Thus this place is a must visit place in Wells since it provides you ample time and space to learn and enjoy. 

4.Spiller Farm

Spiller Farm

This is a very famous farm in Wells, Maine that has very renowned all over the United States. That’s due to the quality farm products they produce. ‘ U pick apples’ and ‘U pick pumpkins ‘are the most famous products of them. Apart from that while visiting the Spiller farm you can go on a picnic with your family since they provide almost everything you need for a picnic including picnic tables. Also the goats,cows, and bulls can be seen in their pastures and you can go and have a look at them too .

Your kids will love playing on the hay bales. And they have piles of sand for the kids to play with .You can buy fresh apples and other farm products from Spiller’s and have a nice time with your family in the pastures if you visit Wells. 

5.Reeds Antiques

Reeds Antiques

This is an array of antique shops where you can go on buying antiques . This place has visited by many Antique lovers that visit Wells, Maine. You can choose the Antiques according to your flavors and the friendly staff here would definitely help you with them. They are well organized small shops that you can trust and have no trouble in parking and stuff like that.

You can by antique furniture and other things like that for a reasonable price if you visit Reeds Antique. Don’t skip these Reeds Antiques on your way to Wells. Because it’s a good chance for you to improve your antique collections.

6. Vaughn’s Island Preserve

Vaughn’s Island Preserve

This is a beautiful island that has preserved due to its ecological. If you’re visiting Vaughn’s Island Preserve you must be careful enough to not to damage anything or to cause harm to the island. Because the Island stewards are responsible of the protection of the Vaughn’s Island Preserve. However this is a great place for camping.

You have to make a reservation before you go to the camping site. You can take a group of 8 to camping and you must not disturb the animals that are wandering around. Because it is they who make this island beautiful. There are regular hunting seasons and except during that time, it is prohibited to go on hunting. Thus this has also marked a special place in the hearts of Wells’s visitors. So please enjoy this beautiful island in Wells respecting the rules and regulations. 

Thus it brings us to the wonderful journey of the things that we can enjoy in Wells, Maine. And I hope that these facts would answer most of the problems of the ones who are willing to visit Wells in the near future. Also, Main Street of old Downtown Wells can suggest as a place you can buy your necessities since many people wonder whether there’s a downtown in Wells and as aforesaid it’s obviously there .” Friendliest Town in Maine” or Wells will give you a wonderful experience if you visit there. And please refer to the given facts and visit Wells as soon as possible. 

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