10 Things To Know Before Traveling To London-London travel tips

Things To Know Before Traveling To London: London has always been a paradise for those who love to travel and every year they Welcome a huge number of people from all over the world and It must be very lucky of you to come to create this page because by Nov you might have decided to travel to London and of course there are lots of things that you should be aware of before traveling to London so that we will get fully aware of these facts and I hope you will enjoy this.

Things To Know Before Traveling To London
Things To Know Before Traveling To London

Things To Know Before Traveling To London


More than anything when you are going to London you should download The city maper app because Once you reach London you will realize that this is one of the most complicated cities that you have ever seen in your life. So that In order to make your way clear it would be helpful to download this particular app it is more reliable than the GPS So there’s no way you will get lost in this complicated city of London.


You might be aware of the fact that London is one of the most busiest cities in the world and The Londoners are always dedicated to their service but unlike the other people the Londoners are enjoying their night in Thursday it is almost like Friday for us. There is a lot of hustle and battle in Thursday night and you will get to see the restaurants and bars are quite crowded on this day.


Theater has been one of the major more of entertainment in London and there are several theaters that you can enjoy one of the wonderful dramas or theaters you like. But you need not to worry about the tickets and like in the other places because in London there are several places you can buy your tickets for Theater and you can buy them on that particular day..


This is also one of the most important things that most of the travelers are not aware of  when they are traveling to London. But when you are visiting the London restaurants and bars that are quite upmarket or touristy , you will get this 12.5% service charge that you should pay unless The service they provide is not good. This is very important for the people who are traveling to London under a low budget because this 12.5% can make a huge difference on your bill


Many people who travel to London love to go on shopping because it is known to be a paradise where you get to see and by the latest fashions that you cannot be seen in The other part of the country. So that when you are going for shopping do not get misled by the misconception of the Oxford street idealism on shopping because the shopping experience in Oxford Street is not as pleasant as the people suggest and it would be a great news for you to hear that there are lots of other alternatives you can always go for where you will get to see the same fashion with the same price.


Even though Leicester square cinema is known to be the best Cinemas in London I would say that it would be better for you to avoid these places because they are no exception for the other cinemas you find in the city and the restaurants are also the same. So don’t waste your time too treat this place and I would like to suggest that more than going to a cinema there are lots of things that you can enjoy in London.


As the mode of transportation is important when traveling I would like to suggest that it would be better for you to take the bus when you are in London especially because it is very convenient and you can go wherever you want to go in them. And also it would be very affordable on the other hand.


As I said before since London is a quite complicated city you have to plan your trip to London properly otherwise you will waste your time wandering here and there in the city so before anything and everything it would be better for you to plan your trip and the roads you are going to take in order to reach them.

9.Oyster Card

Oyster Card  is very handy when you’re traveling in London as it is one of the best ways tocut down your traveling costs . Added to that you’re offered with a daily-cap which is very useful.

10.Street Food Markets

Street Food Markets are the best places for you to grab some sumptuous food and I’ve some suggestions for you as Maltby Street Market and Flat Iron Square. They are very affordable and offers you the best at the same time.

Thus I think you are fully aware of the things that you should know before traveling to London and I hope these facts would be helpful for you.

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