TOP HIKING SPOTS IN SAN FRANCISCO:In the 18th century Europeans developed a habit of walking for the purpose of finding pleasure. This habit was adopted through pilgrimages where people walked for spiritual and religious purposes. And this newly developed trait is non other than hiking.Even though hiking was originated in Europe, United States is now world renowned for hiking.

There are several states in USA that have many beautiful hiking trails. One such is California. And in California, there’s a city uniquely identified as a place that has a plethora of hiking trails. It’s San Francisco. Many people love to go on hiking specially young adventure lovers. So the hiking trails in San Francisco would definitely give you an adrenaline rush which you’ll definitely enjoy. Here are some of the ideal hiking spots in San Francisco that would take your breath away.

You can take a journey on your vacation to one of these mesmerizing hiking trails in San Francisco and the facts that are about to unveil will definitely come in favour of you. Thus read this carefully and make a wise choice for your hiking legend.


1.Batteries to Bluffs Trail

Batteries to Bluffs Trail

Presidio’s wild western shoreline is heaven and people consider this part of San Francisco is rich in allure of nature. And it is ideal for hiking. Even though the hiking trail is not expanded to a greater area ,this will be a blessing in disguise for those who love coastal areas. There are two tracks for hiking.

One is stretching along the Lincoln Boulevard which is running on an elevated path while the other runs below it. While hiking you can enjoy the scenery since it’s exceptionally rich with flowers , trees. And also even you’re lucky to have a look at the Pacific ocean.

Battery Crosby is a historical landmark on your way and the trail that leads to Marshall beach facilitates you a chance to enjoy the sea. Thus you can even enjoy the sunset on this trails which will make the hike memorable. And there’s no wonder it’s a famous hiking trail in San Francisco.

2.Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve

Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve

Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve which is originally known as Mount Parnassus is situated in the midst of the greeny slopes of Mount Sutro and it has a history that runs back to 100 years . There’s huge variety of trees that will leave you wondering of their age. This Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve will give you a different type of experience which is clearly different from the others .

Since the trees here would make a shady path while you hike in the trails. There are lots of hiking trails that you can take up according to your choice such as Historic Trail and the Fairy Gates trails. All except the little kids can enjoy this hiking trails and it will be a good exercise to your body and a therapy for eyes and mind. So you must definitely enjoy these hiking trails in Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve in San Francisco.

3.Lands End Trail

Lands End Trail

With the rocky cliffs above the shore, Lands End Trail is situated in the Northwestern corner of San Francisco. Cypress and eucalyptus have enclosed the way of Lands End Trail and it is in the Sutro District, in Golden Gate National Recreation Area which belongs to the Northwestern corner of the city as aforesaid.

This is a four miles trail and has many places to visit on your way. Make sure to visit Sutro Baths which will rejuvenate your body and mind after hiking until you sweat. Point Lobos, Mile Rock Lighthouse and USS San Francisco Memorial are some of the places you can visit on your way.

You can watch the sunset in Sutro Baths and the view point of Mile Rock Lighthouse would also give you a novel experience. By far it is one of the perfect hiking spots in San Francisco.

4.Lovers’ Lane at the Presidio

Lovers’ Lane at the Presidio

This is stretching from the Presidio Gate to the Main Post that is specially dedicated to the people who adore hiking. Not just the sight of the Lovers’ lane is mesmerising but the history too.

It was created in 18th century for the use of Spanish soldiers and the missionaries who spread Christianity. You can find many people hiking in this area while enjoying the surroundings and listening to birds’ singing.

If you commence your hiking journey from the South end you can find the sculpture of Andy Goldsworthy which has become a landmark on the trail. Quaint historic homes and a footbridge will also come on your making the hiking journey more ecstatic. It is apparent that this deserve to be one of the best hiking trails in San Francisco but don’t forget to check it out for yourself.

5.Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a place where tourists attract each and every time with no respect to seasons. It’s the 2nd highest mountain in San Francisco and is known as a very famous hiking trail.It was originally known as Los Pechos de la Choca which gives the meaning as the maiden’s breasts.

The hiking trails margin to the Bay Area which provides you a panoramic view. There are several hiking trails and the most famous among the people who hike here is the two ascending tracks of both Peaks.

You can extend the journey by taking the Twin Peaks Blvd towards Portola Drive into Glen Canyon Park for a 1.2 mile Creek to Peaks Trail hike. So if you’re interested in hiking, there are perfect hiking spots in San Francisco this is the ideal place.

6.Ecology Trail

Ecology Trail

The name of the trail itself suggest how nature friendly and has a breath taking panorama. It expands from Arguello Gate to the Presidio’s Main Post. The trails are decorated with a variety of flowers and trees such as Presidio Clarkia, Redwood, oaks, eucalyptus, Monterey pine, Monterey cypress etc.

Tennessee Hollow is the exact place where the trails lie. The short Ecology trails give you a meditation view. It includes the view of the coastal area, forests, flowers, trees and even insects like Butterflies. Thus you if you’re a nature lover and still love hiking this would be the best hiking trail for you in San Francisco.

7.Huntington Falls

Huntington Falls

This is truly a gem hidden in San Francisco that is not much popular yet a place that deserves 

popularity. The Golden Gate Park is where you can find hiking trails in Huntington Falls and they’re called Lakeshore Trails. This place is mostly known as a family friendly hiking tack where people take their kids in strollers while some youngsters enjoy hiking alone.

The tails are showered with sunshine and you can hear the birds along the hiking tracks. Strawberry Hill, one of the salient features of Huntington Falls also has some hiking tracks .You can escape the tiresome reality and get absorbed in a fantasy on these beautiful hiking trails. Thus I hope you’ll definitely enjoy this beautiful hiking track in San Francisco.

8. California Coastal Trail 

California Coastal Trail 

stretches from Pacific coastline from Mexico to Oregon. It is a 1200 miles trail that initiates from Avenue Gate and runs near Golden Gate Bridge that is very famous all over the world. And also this trail margins to the Pacific ocean too. This trail has consisted with a diversity of trees, flowers, animals and even the coastal area near Pacific ocean.

This ialso known as the mostly used access point to Presidio’s historic gun batteries where it unveil another historical monument of California. The hiking trail has accessed as a easy to intermittent level trail which means that Coastal Trail equally welcomes the novice hiking lovers and experts in it. Thus you can easily fathom this Coastal Trail as one of the most popular hiking trails in San Francisco that you must visit.

9.Glen Canyon Park

Glen Canyon Park

Glen Canyon Park is a hiking trail that marks its territory to 2.9 kilometers. It has 3 trails that are ideal for hiking and biking as well. The trails include healthy vegetation and scrub lands that are rich in diversity. They bear lots of wild flowers which makes the way more pleasant and its genuine beauty.

It has a whole variety of willow trees, horsetails, seep monkey flowers, red columbine etc. So it’s a very eco friendly hiking trail which will fade away your exhaust from your body and mind. Glen Canyon Park is the best choice for hiking trails since it’s one of the best hiking spots in San Francisco.

10.Mt. Davidson

Mt. Davidson

Mt. Davidson considers as the largest natural location in San Francisco, which elevates from the land up to 928 feet. This is in between the Twin Peaks and Portola Drive. Due to the diversity of the Mount Davidson ,it has become the home to a large variety of migratory birds and resident birds as well .There you can find two of the rarest plants called 

California huckleberry and Pacific reed. So you’re awarded a chance to watch all these beautiful things if you go on hiking in Mount Davidson’s hiking trails. You’ll get a feeling as if you’re hiking in a rainforest. Thus we don’t want a further explanation to prove that this is one of the perfect hiking trails in California.

All the hiking trails prove the fact that San Francisco is a city that is ideal for hiking either as an individual or else as families. All the illustrated places offer you a nice panorama while giving an adventurous experience.

Added to these places mentioned above Fort Funston, Philosopher’s Way, Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park and Tomales Point Trail at Point Reyes National Seashore to qualify to be best hiking trails in San Francisco. There fore it’s obvious that San Francisco is one of the safest and best cities for hiking in California. So you can choose any of the places mentioned above as a spot to go on hiking. These facts mentioned throughout the article would come in handy for you to fathom the best spot. All in all, undoubtedly San Francisco is ideal for hiking. 

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