10 Top-rated tourist attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok is a famous tourist destination made up of two binaries- old and new, classic yet trendy, traditional yet modern. Bangkok offers the tourists a diverse yet exciting experience ranging from its sacred temples to dazzling nightlife. The visitors of Bangkok range from people who visit to see Buddha’s smile to trendy shopaholics. Thus, Bangkok is a magnet of attraction as it houses vibrant cultures, fascinating temples, ancient cites, and high-end shopping malls.  There are many more exciting sites to visit in Bangkok. This list will summarize the top 10 tourist attractions in Bangkok.

1.The Grand Palace

Having both historical significance and artisanship, Grand Palace is one of the top attractions in Bangkok. Grand Palace was the home to the Thai kings for 150 years. And, it was also the home to the Thai war ministry, and the Court etc. However today, the Grand Palace is the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. Standing gracefully from 1782, the Palace holds an ancient relic of Emerald Buddha in Wat Phra Kaeo.  

Rather than being a single structure, the Grand Palace is a maze of buildings, halls, gardens, and courtyards. Its disproportionateness and eclectic styles continue to mesmerize the visitors through the course of years. When visiting the Grand Palace, there is a strict dress code. Both men and women should dress in modesty, and entering the Palace on bare feet is prohibited.

2.Wat Pho- The temple of reclining Buddha

Positioned south of the Grand Palace boundary, Wat Pho makes an outstanding addition to your palace tour, providing your feet a perfect workout. It is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. The temple was built by King Rama II, and this is where his ashes are enshrined.  The highlight of this temple is that it houses the largest collection of Buddha images, including 46 meters long statue of reclining Buddha. It is considered the center of healing as it houses Thai medicine, and it is also known as the birthplace of Thai massage that is still practicing at the temple. When you visit this temple, you can have a relaxing massage but at a high price.   

3.Wat Arun- The temple of Dawn

Often personified as the rays of the rising sun, Wat Arun temple derives its name from the Hindu God Aruna. This temple is one of the iconic landmarks in Thailand. Dating back to the seventeenth century of the Ayutthaya kingdom, Wat Arun is a triumphant complex made up of colorfully decorated prang. The visitors recommend climbing to the top to see some picturesque views of sunset over the Chao Praya river. Although it is known as the temple of dawn, it looks magnificent in the evening. Even though Wat Arun is a top-notch tourist attraction, it is also a prominent place of worship for Buddhists. Thus, modest dressing is required.

4. Wat Traimit,Temple of the Golden Buddha

Wat Traimit is prominent for its golden Buddha statue. The golden Buddha statue is a gold Maraviraja attitude seated Buddharupa statue that weighs 5.5 tonnes. To conceal its true value, this statue was covered in stucco for 200 years. But in 1955, during the relocation of the statue, its true identity was revealed. Wat Traimit is a must-see temple in Bangkok as it depicts the artisanship of Thai people. The origin of the statute is yet undiscovered. But people believe that it dates back to Sukhothai. And the people also believe that plastering the statue with stucco was to conceal this treasure from Burmese invaders in 1767. The temple houses a museum on the third floor, and it exhibits a 3D presentation detailing the history of Chinese traders.

5.Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat is also one of the oldest and most beautiful royal temples in Bangkok. Three adjacent kings were responsible for constructing this temple. The construction of this temple began in 1807 under King Rama I, and the decorations were carried out by King Rama II, and it was finally completed under King Rama III. The temple has astonishing architecture, yet it is underrated. Therefore, tourists can enjoy it to the maximum and peacefully.

6.Giant swing

Amidst of a busy town, the 27-meter-high giant swing stands gracefully. Formerly used as a part of the old Brahmin ceremony, it is one of Bangkok’s top tourist attractions.  The swing is now used as a piece of decoration as it was damaged by lightning.

For centuries, the giant swing played a significant role in the swing ceremonies, which was an enactment of Hindu origin stories. According to history, it was used as a slingshot to heaven. In 2005, the Giant Swing and Wat Suthat were nominated as future UNESCO World heritage sites.

7.National Museum and Wang Na Palace

The Bangkok National Museum lies in the former grounds of the 18th century Wang Na Palace. Until the mid-1970s, this museum was Thailand’s only museum. Thus, it houses a diverse collection of Thai art and artifacts. Bangkok National Museum worths a visit as the labels of the exhibits are in Thai and English. And the museum tour is also in English. King Rama I’s palace lies in the museum ground as it was. It stands as a testament to Thai history and its excellent architecture. The highlight of the museum is the funeral chariot hall, starring carriages utilized for royal cremations. The museum is opened for its visitors from Wednesday to Sunday between 09:00 – 16:00.

8.Chatuchak Market

Also known as the JJ market, the Chatuchak market is the largest market and the most diverse market in the world. It houses more than 15,000 stalls and 11,505 vendors. If you want to buy different kinds of goods, including plants, antiques, cosmetics, this place is ideal for you. More than 200,000 visitors visit Chatuchak market every weekend. Chatuchak market is the best place to engage with locals and to dive into everyday Thai life. For shopaholics, this place is a heaven with loads of items on sale. This is the ideal place to explore how diverse Thailand is. Visitors have to clear their calendars and arrive early to explore this master market. The market is open from Saturday to Sunday between 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and on Friday from 6.00 pm to midnight.

9.Damneon Saduak Floating Market

For a diverse and fascinating market experience, tourists can visit Damneon Saduak Floating Market. It is located in Ratchaburi and one of the popular floating markets in Thailand, formerly recognized as Venice of the East.  Dameon Saduak Floating Market is not only a tourist trap but also a local attraction too. The market is filled with female traders wearing traditional mo hom apparel with straw hats. The market is the busiest in the morning from 07.00 am to 9.00 am. The visitors will be able to buy fresh and delicious food from here. The best way to indulge in this experience is to join a tour that takes approximately six hours.

10.Khao San Road

Bangkok’s notorious backpacker neighborhood swarms with guesthouses, food vendors, clothing stalls, and travelers from every corner of the earth. You will have to be extremely patient when hanging out here because the peoples and fragrances and loud music can test even the most patient soul.  But it is worth a try. The area is internationally known for the hearty enjoyment of dancing and partying.  And just before the traditional Thai New Year, there is a water-splashing event that usually turns into a massive water fight.

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