Top 10 tourist attractions in Egypt

Egypt is the oldest travel destination, where its roots reach back to the dawn of human civilization. Home of the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is a dazzling destination of temples and tombs that capture the hearts of thousands of travelers. When we think about Egypt, the first thing that comes into our mind is the pyramids and ancient monuments. However, many more unimaginable attractions in Egypt need exploration through the lens of a human being. Egypt hosts a combination of activities ranging from relaxation, adventure and culture. When we explore Egypt in a nutshell, beach lovers can head to Sinai to sunbathe, while archeology admirers can visit Luxor and can witness the countryside in the Southern town of Aswan.

1.Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids of Giza are undisputedly the top attraction in Egypt. Being the sole survivor of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the pyramids of Giza has now become the world’s most recognizable landmarks. The travelers are mesmerized to see the giant structure and complex, that has been standing through the ages.  And it has even shocked the archaeologists. If the tourists want to do something of a cliché rather than merely looking at the pyramid, they can go on a camel ride in front of the pyramids. Also, the sound and light show at the Giza pyramids allows the tourists to see how these ancient monuments light up gracefully under the night sky with the narrative soundtrack that takes the tourist into a different dimension. The accommodation near the pyramids of Giza ranges from luxury hotels to mid-range hotels and budget hotels. Also, the Tourists can take a full-day tour, half-day tour, or even the camel or horse-riding tour to the pyramid. The tickets to see the interior of the pyramids are sold throughout the day with no limit on numbers, so tourists can get the tickets anytime they like.

2.Luxor’s Temple and the valley of Kings

The ancient Egyptians built massive public monuments or pyramids for their pharaohs. But people respected the new kingdom kings by creating hidden underground mausoleums. The most notorious collection of such catacombs is visible in Egypt. Named as The Valley of the kings, the tombs lie gracefully on Nile’s West Bank near Luxor. Regarded as the biggest open-air museum in the world- The Valley of the Kings harbors many unimaginable sites that cannot be explored in one visit. The tourists will have to stay few days exploring the magnificent wall arts of the crypt that will educate them why the Luxor fascinate historians and archaeologists.

3.Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo, also known as Historic Cairo, refers to the ancient part of the city that prevailed before the modern expansion. The word “Islamic” in the name does not denote the massive Islamic population in the city. But it indicates the vibrant history and heritage as it established in the early period of Islam. The Islamic traces are visible through the narrow lanes that are packed with mosques, madrassas (Islamic schools), caravanserais, and monuments. Cairo houses the labyrinth shopping souk of Khan el-Khalili, where artisans and coppersmiths reside in their workshops. When you peek into the stalls, you will be able to see ceramics, textiles, and perfumes. Cairo projects some of the beautifully preserved architecture of the old Islamic empires.  Al-Azhar Mosque and Sultan Hassan Mosque are the most visited sites by the tourists, as there is a plentitude of history to explore. Also, people love climbing the ancient medieval gate of Bab Zuweila to glance at the scenic vistas. 


it is the ancient city of Swenett. Aswan is especially known for its mesmerizing Nile Valley panoramas, notable archeological sites, and serene atmosphere. It has warm weather all year long, which makes it a perfect year-round destination.  Aswan provides scenic vistas, and tourists can sail through the Nile on a felucca. It has orange-hued dunes as its backdrop, thus has become the perfect place to relax and indulge in the tranquil atmosphere. The tourists can ride a camel to the desert monastery of St. Simeon. Also, they can relax by sipping a tea on a boat restaurant while glancing at the feluccas. Although there are plenty of sites to see, the tourist’s main activity is relaxing and watching how the river drifts past.  

5.Abu Simbel

In a country draped in temples, Abu Simbel is the portrayal of something unique.  Abu Simbel is the most visited site in Egypt after the Pyramids of Giza.  The temples in Abu Simbel are massive rock-cut temples devoted to Ramses II. Adorned with rock relief figures to guard outside, the interior of the temple dazzle with wall paintings. The complex was relocated to protect from submerging in Lake Nasser.

6.Egyptian Museum

Egyptian museum is a house to a massive collection of ancient Egyptian antiques. The museum holds more than 120,000 items on two main floors. On the first floor, there is a vast collection of large-scale, including sculptures, reliefs, and architectural elements. These are arranged chronologically, from the pre-dynastic to the Greco-Roman period. The highlight of the second floor is the golden mask of King Tutankhamun.  The first-floor houses small antiques, including papyri, coins, textiles, and wooden sarcophagi. This museum is a hub of knowledge, and visiting there will bestow you with endless knowledge.

7.White Desert

White desert is a house to surreal beauty. The spectacular wind-carved rock formations project the utmost beauty unequaled to any other desert in the world. The white desert looks like a snowy wonderland amidst desolate sand, and the sceneries look like they are adopted from a science fiction movie. people visit the white desert to encounter a novel experience and to witness the spectacular creation of nature.   

8.Siwa Oasis

Lying on average 18m below sea level, the isolated Siwa Oasis has diverse olive groves, palm trees, and warm, clear springs. Siwa Oasis is Egypt’s little-explored gem that has the most picturesque sceneries. The town centers around mud-brick hamlets that govern the entire picture of the town. Siwa Oasis is an ideal place to relax and plan some adventure in the surrounding desert.


Alexandria is the third-largest city in Egypt and the largest city on the Mediterranean. It is also called the “Bride of the Mediterranean” by locals. Although Alexandria’s history is incomparable to any other city in the world, it has a European touch. Founded by Alexander, Alexandria is the home of Cleopatra. This seaside city allures thousands of visitors who love to wander in the seashore. Although there are few traces of the historic remains in this city, the songs and books eulogize the glorious past.

10.St. Catherine’s Monastery

St. Catherine’s Monastery is the oldest monastery in the world, sitting delicately under Mount Sinai. The complex houses irreplaceable religious iconography, mosaics in encaustic, and liturgical objects like chalices and reliquaries. And it is also the home to burning bush. The tourists who visit St. Catherine’s monastery prefer to hike up to Mount Sinai to witness the sunrise and sunset. People either take a camel ride or climb the steps of repentance to observe the beautiful landscapes surrounded by St. Catherine’s monastery.

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