10 Best Tropical Vacations

Exploring the beauty of paradises on earth

What is your portrayal of a perfect Tropical vacation? Many may say it is where the beach is three steps ahead, where you can leave the heavy workload aside and order cocktails at a snap of a finger. Simply an island with miles and miles of white sandy beaches will be everyone’s vision of a perfect tropical vacation. But there are other luscious ingredients like crystalline water, lush scenery, and dazzling sunshine that need to be amalgamated with the top ingredient- the beach.  If you want to be a part of vibrant cultures, enjoy mouth-watering cuisines, and relish in exotic eco-system untouched by developments, an island out there is calling your name.

Mesmerizing coral reefs for divers and perfect waves for surfers, can an island be more aesthetic? From the North Pole to the South Pole, the earth is filled with magnificent tropical vacation places. It’s a matter of finding the perfect vacation landscape that fits your taste. This list explores beautiful tropical destinations that suit your pockets.

Tropical Vacations


Tropical Vacations

Castaway in the turquoise waters of the Maldives with picturesque views which are too good to be true. Located in the Indian Ocean southwest of India and Sri Lanka, Maldives projects the utmost beauty. Crystalline water that covers 99% of the island contributes to the beauty while Ironically imposing a severe threat to the population. If diving into the crystalline water and healing waves is the top criterion in your checklist, Maldives is a perfect destination for you.

This archipelagic state which stretches on 26 atolls, houses surreal beauty. Male is the capital and the populous city in Maldives. However, tourists prefer to dive into the aquamarine waters with white sandy beaches and luxurious hotels, thus heading out to some remote atolls. People who want to witness the aquamarine diversity of the blue waters prefer snorkeling and diving. It is also a perfect destination for surfers.

Maldivian natives are so friendly that they welcome tourists wholeheartedly. The tourist activity bag comprises swimming with manta rays and whale sharks and fishing. Maldives is a perfect candidate for cruise vacations as water is the core of the island. Moreover, Tourists can indulge in the divine island taste of Maldivian cuisine (Dhivehi cuisine) that consists of fish, coconut, and starches.

2.Bora bora Tahiti

Tropical Vacations

Bora bora sitting delicately in the cluster of islands in Polynesia exude surreal beauty. Surrounded by sand-fringed islets and a turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, Bora Bora is a once-in-a-lifetime place for a tropical vacation.

The highlight of Bora Bora is the luxurious bungalow perch over the sea that allows the tourists to wake up to the sound of the waves, and the glass floor panels allow them to dive into water whenever they feel like it. Many tourists claim that the crystalline waters of Bora Bora take them to a different dimension.

Bora Bora is not limited to its divine beauty, but it is also a cultural hub that gives so much exposure to different cultures. The official Language of Bora Bora is French and Tahitian, but people also speak English. Also, the Gallic influence on Gourmet cuisine will satisfy the palate of food lovers. For a bit of adventure, tourists can rent a pontoon boat and cruise across the atolls. And the tourist can have a snorkeling tour where they can dive with sharks and enjoy nature amidst picturesque hiking trails.  Bora Bora is undoubtedly the ultimate projection of beauty. And it has become the main reason why tourists rank this pricy island as one of their top vacation destinations.

3.Riviera Maya, Mexico

Tropical Vacations

Do you want to be a part of a tropical vacation that gives you beautiful white sandy beaches, zesty cuisine, and vibrant culture all enfolded around an affordable price tag? Then Riviera Maya in Mexico is the ideal place to visit. Outstretched from the fishing village of Puerto Morelos to the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an, the Mayan Riviera offers Caribbean coastline adventure filled with sacred ruins and shimmering cenotes. Divers and snorkelers will be astonished by the breath-taking wrecks and aquatic life of Xcaret and the Puerto Morelos reef.

The Mayan Riviera houses some exceptional destinations such as Playa del Carmen, Tulum Mexico, and Akumal Mexico. Maya Riviera takes the tourists on an adventurous experience. The tourists can use a zip line to plunge into the divine subterranean caverns of LabnaHa Cenotes & Eco Park, where they can snorkel a subterranean river. Also, swimming with stingrays and dolphins, diving, and fishing are favorite activities in crystalline turquoise waters. The best time to visit this destination is from November to March as it gives a lessen chance of encountering rainfall and more opportunity to enjoy the serene beauty. The tourists can capture places and signature experiences like Chichen Itza and Tulum archaeological sites that define Maya Riviera.

4.Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Tropical Vacations

Aitutaki is one of the most beautiful yet underrated vacation destinations in the world. Sitting delicately in the South Pacific, Aitutaki consists of a mainland, a turquoise lagoon, and a surrounding barrier reef. Blessed with gorgeous mountains, magnificent beaches fringed with swaying palm trees, and a friendly community, Aitutaki passes all the criteria as a prime tropical vacation destination. Tourists can enjoy fancy kayaking or hire a boat and set on a journey to Maina, Honeymoon island, or one-foot island.

The highlight of the tour includes having the passport stamped from the smallest post office in the world. Aitutaki the home to not only sublime beauty but also various adventurous activities. The tourists can snorkel among diverse aqua species ranging from colorful fish to turtles to coral clusters. And they can also be a part of scuba diving and deep-sea fishing. What is more interesting is that the tourists can sip champagne mesmerized by the lapping of waves in the pristine beaches, while accommodating themselves in overwater bungalows.

5.Kaua’i Hawaii

Tropical Vacations

Kauai is geographically the fourth-largest island and the second oldest island from its cousin islands. Due to its immense breath-taking beauty, people call it the garden island. Simply it is a tropical Eden with cascading waterfalls, luscious rainforests, emerald valleys, and scenic lush coastal peaks. This natural masterpiece drapes in unimaginable beauty, is accessible only through sea and air.

Although Kauai is the rainiest place on earth, tourists can find sunny weather in places like Poipu. Despite its dramatic beauty, Kauai is the home to many activities. The beaches of Kauai range from calm-family-friendly crystalline waters to adventurous surf waves. The tourists can kayak, snorkel, hike the picturesque trails and go ziplining above green valleys. And they can hear a Hawaiian chant that echoes through the island. The only drawback of Kauai island is, people lose track of time when they indulge in blissful nature.

6.Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Tropical Vacations

Mamanuca islands of Fiji are volcanic archipelagos positioned gracefully in the Pacific Ocean west to the Nadi and South of the Yasawa Islands. Swaying off in the waters, Mamanuca is the top picture-perfect destination of Fiji. The island harbors crystalline water, palm-fringed pristine beaches, and live coral reefs. Thus, a magnet for tourists. The marine ecosystem and recreation value of this island are the two denominators that mark its national significance.

 The island is a perfect playground for sea explorers as it is abundant with prolific reefs, giant waves, and a peaceful lagoon at a snap of a finger.  Mamanuca is the hub of adventures as it allows the tourists to surf world-class waves at Cloudbread and dive into the marine world. Tourists can discover hidden beaches by hiking or hitting the sky with a helicopter to see the scenic landscapes.

The accommodation in Mamanuca ranges from lively backpacker resorts to family-friendly hotels. Also, the tourists can enjoy the bliss of luxury hideaway resorts. The tourists can surrender themselves to an ecstatic spa treatment or do a lazy beach day by cruising in a yacht to see sequestered picnic spots. Mamanuca has a kid-friendly community. Therefore, it welcomes parents and younger children.

7.St. Barts the Caribbean

Tropical Vacations

St Barthélemy, often abbreviated to St.Barts, is a volcanic island surrounded by shallow reefs. This Island acts as a popular winter getaway of France, Europe, and North America. If you prefer to luxuriate in picturesque vistas, secluded villas, and comely beaches, this destination should be your top choice.  According to visitors, this destination is quite pricy, but it compensates with beautiful beaches, green hills, high-end shopping experiences, and a vibrant culture.

Colombier beach, Anse De Grande Saline, and Anse Du Gouverneur are some of the places that the tourists can wander and have signature experiences. Also, tourists can feast on mouth-watering treats in famous restaurants such as Orega, Le Tamarin, La Petite Colombe. It also invites the tourists to have thrilling adventures by snorkeling, diving, kite-surfing, kayaking, fishing, surfing, and sailing.

8.The Abacos, The Bahamas

Tropical Vacations

The Abacos is not merely a paradise that acts as a magnet to tourists but a place that offers both inland and maritime experience to them. For sea-babies, Abacos is a haven for sailing, fishing, and boating, while for land explorers, it is a house to exquisite colonial towns, championship golf courses, and countless hotels, restaurants, and bars. These Atlantic Islands, often known as Out Islands or Family Islands, sweep the tourists away from the crowded world to their secluded pine-fringed beaches.

If you are in doubt about where to stay, fear not! The accommodation options range from beach-front bungalows to luxury villas to four-star boutique hotels. The vibrance of its culture comes from the traces British royalists left in Abacos. Even today, the British colonial touch is visible through the homes of Hope Town and New Plymouth.  Tourists can hire a golf cart and take a stroll on these pictorial streets. Abacos is a hub of adventurous activities like fishing, diving, and snorkeling. Moreover, the tourists can relax without fear and chat with friendly locals. With miles and miles of white sandy beaches, it is easier to find your go-to spot.

9.Dominion republic

Tropical Vacations

Dominican Republic is the second-largest and most diverse Caribbean country, encircled by the Atlantic Ocean on the North and the Caribbean Sea on the south. This tropical destination stretches across 1,00 miles, and it is well known for its hospitality, astounding nature, history, and vibrant culture.  Dominican Republic is ideal for budget-minded travelers. But with many pastoral natural settings like cascading waterfalls, breathtaking coasts, and idyllic accommodations, Dominican Republic is also suitable for weddings and romantic getaways.

It also offers a plethora of accommodation options that has attracted countless celebrities over the years. These accommodation options have become the main reason why adventurous travelers flock Dominican Republic. While exploring San Domingo, the UNESCO World Heritage site, tourists can learn about colonial architecture and the vibrant history of the Dominican Republic. Also, the tourists can raft the blue waters, hike through misty jungles, and bike through pine forests. But, if the tourists want to sunbathe on the white sandy beaches, they can try various activities like diving, swimming, surfing, and snorkeling.

10.Port Douglas, Australia

Tropical Vacations

Port Douglas is a coastal town and locality that houses two world heritage-listed sites. Crystalline blue waters and aquamarine system of the Great barrier Reef, mesmerizing canopy of the Daintree Rainforest, and the palm-fringed golden sands of Four Mile Beach make Port Douglas a top-notch holiday destination. In Port Douglas, one of the popular events is a day trip to the protected coral cay of Low Isles, where tourists can swim and snorkel.

The streets, shops, and cafes of Port Douglas are eco-friendly. The highlight of Port Douglas is Four Mile Beach, with palm-fringed golden sand, where tourists can go for small strolls. Another major attraction of Port Douglas includes Mossman Gorge.  This Instagram-friendly destination harbors mint green waters with freshwater swimming holes. Moreover, the tourists can learn the culture of Kuku Yalanji as they are the traditional owners of the Mossman Gorge. Many people recommend visiting Port Douglas in the winter season- May to September. 

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