5 Unique Hotels in Tokyo-Five Destination

Unique Hotels in Tokyo – Tokyo is known as a mixture of modernity and culture of Japan. And it stands as the identity of Japan because it is the capital of the country.  It is also one of the densely populated cities in Japan and It is very famous for having lots of tourists each and every day of the year. Tokyo is widely recognized as a city that is ideal for any visitor from anywhere of the world because it has something or the other that will suit everyone’s taste. That’s why Tokyo welcomes over 12 million of tourists each and every year. You can experience marvellous experiences from the unique hotels in Tokyo.

As I said before the culture of Japan is reflected in this modern city and the travellers get so very much attached to their traditional cuisines, museums and festivals etc. When mentioning tourism in Tokyo it is essential to mention the hotels that surpass the luxuries and innovations that we can ever imagine on this earth. That’s why I thought of giving you some details on the unique hotels In Tokyo. And you must surely want to visit them as they are extraordinary as everything that is having the Japanese touch. Unique hotels in Tokyo are famous among all over the world.

Unique Hotels in Tokyo
Unique Hotels in Tokyo

1.Henn na Hotel

Henn na Hotel

One of the most surprising hotels in Tokyo is Henn na Hotel which is located in Nishikasai and is very near to the famous Tokyo Disney Resort and Maihama Station station. The Tokyo citizens and the visitors to call it the weird hotel and the reason to say that it is weird is that most of the functions are done by the robots. Isn’t that mesmerizing? Surely the young kids who prefer the dinosaurs and dolls would surely love the reception of this hotel. That is because The receptionists ate the dinosaurs looking robots and the female Androids with blinking eyes.

These robots are even able to deliver your luggage to your room and what they do is that while you are checking in they scan your face and use it for face recognition technology instead of the electronic keys. They use a trolley that is automated to deliver your baggage to the room. And they are planning to use robots for room service In the near future. Thus I think It is one of unique hotels in Tokyo.

2.Wired Hotel

Wired Hotel

If you want to experience unique hotels in Tokyo, Wired Hotel in Tokyo is no joke when it comes to the uniqueness of the hotel. Because it is built in a quite special manner that is loved by many travellers to Tokyo. It has built in the structure of a cultural community. Hotel gives priority to the unique Japanese culture and just as Tokyo it is nicely blending with the modern techniques.

You can find anything ranging from bunk-style beds to luxurious suites that you can expect from a hotel in this Wired Hotel. This hotel has built in the very well known Asakusa Kokomo Club building. In the second floor of the hotel you can see a traditional theatre that serves 100 people. Asakusa is a traditional theatre that is solely made for the entertainment of the visitors to this place. However, it is a wonderful place that is more appropriate for visitors who love Japanese culture. This hotel includes the list of unique hotels in Tokyo which gives Japanese Culture to their customers.

3.Park Hotel

Park Hotel

Park Hotel is also a unique hotel that you can find in Tokyo. It has so much of especially these that deserves to name it as a unique hotel. It is located in Shinbashi of Tokyo, Japan. Park hotel is a four star hotel that you can reserve for a reasonable price. It is known for the opulent facilities that it gives the customers. One of such specialities is that the skyscraper that can be used by multiple users. So that you can have a wonderful view of the mesmerizing surrounding of the hotel. If you want to visit unique hotels in Tokyo for a reasonable price, this is a good place.

You can even go to see the famous Tokyo Tower which is 2 kilometres away from Park Hotel. You can even reserve a room that is having a view of Tokyo Tower.  Another reason that makes which hotel unique is that it is having 1 whole floor that is especially dedicated for the paintings of famous Japanese artists. The vibe of these rooms in this floor is different from each other. The luxurious spas and restaurant of this hotel make it stand out from the other hotels in Tokyo.

4.Trunk Hotel

Trunk Hotel

Trunk Hotel is one of the most unique hotels in Tokyo and it is built in a contemporary boutique hotel mostly focusing on nature. So nature lovers would definitely love this Trunk Hotel. But it is built in a fashionable and unique manner. The floor-to-ceiling windows, artwork, designer up-cycled furniture and the bar are some of the features that have the magical touch of Trunk Hotel.

The most special is that many of these creations have done with recycling things. But you will never believe that they have been made of recycled goods. The chic Vibe of the trunk hotel is mostly created because of the corridors and balconies of the hotel. The luxurious suites will, even more, impress you on this trunk hotel. That’s why I suggest this as one of the unique hotels in Tokyo.

5.Hotel Gracery

Hotel Gracery

Hotel Gracery is a wonderful place that is made for fun and the theme of this Hotel has been Godzilla. The theme of the hotel itself suggests that it stands out from the other hotels in Tokyo. The Godzilla statue on the roof of the hotel, Godzilla themed rooms and treats have become some of the major specialities in the Hotel Gracery. It is using high technology along with fashion to elevate the popularity of Hotel groceries. Thus It is worth visiting this hotel and having an unforgettable experience in Tokyo.

And added to the given hotels you can find plenty of hotels that are unique, not just to Tokyo but to the whole world. Thus I would like to invite you to come and experience these wonderful unique hotels in Tokyo when you are travelling in the gigantic Japanese country.

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